Vets Day

There are many kinds of Veterans and most automatically recall those who have worn a blue or green uniform with stripes on the sleeve or medals on their chest. To those, I give my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for defending our Country as a career choice.  There are many who made this a choice without pay and go unrecognized for years.

Over the past decade I’ve come to know people who not only choose to defend our Country with their lives but their very soul. They do not wear uniforms and are rarely, if ever, thanked for what they do nor are they recognized as the heros that they are.

“They” know who they are and receive no pay check for their work, receive very little recognition for the lives that they save. They are not headline sort of topics because “they” are not a friend of politics.  “They” stand up for their beliefs of what this country was founded upon.  The belief that we are all equals and should be treated as such.  The belief that we all have rights and violation of any right upon any single individual is an atrocity against our Country.  The belief people are innocent and have the right to be considered innocent.

These beliefs engrained within their very souls places these individuals in dangerous situations which can take more than their life but their friends and families are placed in danger as well. These are the people who stand up for their rights when our own government tries to take those rights away.  These people are put through hardships that only the strong can endure.

We owe these people our deepest gratitude and I, for one, give my deepest appreciation for all that they do.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the appreciation. To express that in terms of words is impossible because it leaves me speechless.

Thank you all from the top, bottom, and middle of my heart.

Kimberly Kraemer

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