Triple Bogey!

“There is a very fine line between lobbying and bribery.” When an organization that receives federal grants and contracts starts lobbying, you have to put 2 and 2 together which always equals FORE! On the golf course, on the surgery table, and at the Bank. University of California is deeply involved in politics and Medical Procedures, especially research and education.

University of California gave money, $1.6 million, to President Obama in his 2012 campaign run from the University of California which is considered a committee or PAC that MUST register with the FEC.  In addition, University of California ranks in the top 250 and listed as a “heavy hitter” in Contributions.  UC already ranks 504 out of 4225 in 2014 with $788,000.00 spent in 2013 and $490,000 in 2014 lobbying.  “Four of the top ten organizations whose staff donated to President Obama’s reelection campaign were universities, data released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveals. The University of California (UC) represented the single largest employee group to donate to President Obama’s campaign in 2012, funneling $1,092,906 to assist the President in his bid to gain reelection. That number includes the university’s PACs, individual members or employees, and employee’s immediate families.”

University of California for the period of July- December 2012 filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives: “I certify that I have read and am familiar with the provisions of the Standing Rules of the Senate and the Standing rules of the House of Representatives relating to the provision of gifts and travel. I have not provided, requested or directed a gift, including travel, to a Member of Congress or an officer or employee of either House of Congress with knowledge that receipt of the gift would violate rule XXXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate or rule XXV of the Rules of the House of Representatives during this filing period.Digitally Signed By: Gary Falle, 1/30/2013 3:58:17 PM

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Lobbying Report for the last quarter of 2012 shows that they spent $120,000.00 Lobbying the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, U.S. SENATE for H.R. 6083, Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2012: Agricultural research and extension programs and H.R. 1, Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011: support for basic research programs, Support for Department of Defense Regenerative Medicine grant, and NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding among other issues which was Digitally Signed By: Gary Falle, Associate Vice President

Money is a GIFT! Par for the course, we are right on track to see why the University of California lobbies the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They swing away at Congress to pass bills that benefits the scorecard at the Bank.

And what did the University of California get for that money they “gifted” to Representatives, Senators and reelecting a President? In 2012 from the National Institutes of Health:


Count those zero spaces.  That is $1.8 BILLION dollars from just the federal government divisions listed to the University of California of YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

And when was ObamaCare implemented? “In the 2008 election cycle, the UC’s employees were also the number one contributor to the Obama campaign, donating $1,648,685.”

Just have to wonder why Mr. Obama spends so much time on the golf course during the time of National CrISIS everytime a beheading takes place.  I wonder if Mr. Obama has any problems hooking to the Left which is, in golf terms: Duck Hook: “A ‘Duck hook’ is considered a severe “hook” to the left (usually caused by a closed clubface) and ‘ducks,’ sharply to the ground, running off to the golfer’s left. Another term associated with a Duck Hook, is a ‘Snap Hook’. “

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