Why are Citizens Broke?

When a President takes office he “nominates” people to be placed in key positions and usually with the same ideology of the President. Those Key Positions include all Federal Agencies .  Obama placed many Key people in Federal Agencies while Congress was in “recess” which avoided Congressional approval.  One such person ran the EEOC who was chair of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

While it is true that the President and the Federal Agencies are not legally allowed to write legislation, they are allowed to write Regulation. Regulation and Legislation are one and the same.  They are both laws that citizens must abide by or be fined/jailed.  Browse through Regulations.gov

regulations.govSept 15, 2014

The above picture is how many regulations have been written in the past 90 days and just the past 90 days. For anyone to believe that 6,343 new Regulations are needed to enforce licensing laws is outrageous.

The law states that Regulations must follow the intent of Congress when Congress wrote the bill that the Regulations are being drawn up for. However, this One law has not been followed and is actively promoted by the Obama regime to be violated.  More Bills equals more regulations equals less freedom and LESS INCOME FOR CITIZENS!

These regulations prohibit citizens from forming small businesses, engaging in commerce, and providing an income for their families. The regulations are restrictive and do not have to issue permits to anyone that they do not want to issue to.  The stronghold on a permit gives the government the right to decide who does or does not do business to make a living.

By browsing the website regulations.gov, you will find a new regulation for almost any industry. A regulation is a way for the government to “tax” anyone in that profession.

To add insult to injury, you may comment on the regulation being proposed but your comments are just that, comments. They do not have to nor will they take the comments into consideration.  Almost every regulation proposed is placed into regulation.

Write to your Representatives/Senators and make them assert the law.

Dear Representative/Senator:

Federal Agencies have abused their power and provided an avenue to prohibit free enterprise in the United States.

Enforce the law that prohibits Federal Agencies from  writing regulations that are in contrast to the Intent of Congress.

We need more free enterprise, not more licensing/taxing of the poor!

Thank you

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