Our Contract

Our Constitution was written as a form of a contract between ourselves.  We are the government.  It is ours to do as we please because it is ours.  Government is the result of our Constitution between ourselves, the people of the United States.

For every Bill, every piece of legislation, every local ordinance, it is another amendment to our Contract between ourselves.  When we try to enforce so many laws because he wants this and I want that and she wants something else, we are not only asking for everyone to abide by our own idea of right and wrong, we are asking for a larger police force to enforce those laws.

When we start taking property through legislation that belongs to others simply because we do not believe that person “deserves” or “is treating that property” correctly, we are imposing our moral beliefs upon others.

Law is a philosophy where people have the authority to protect what is theirs.  It is not our right to protect another’s property from themselves.  The previous sentence is in contradiction to the meaning of law.

When we allow groups of people, based on moral belief, to introduce legislation written to influence moral belief upon the entire country, we are legislating Religion.

At the first sight of most pieces of legislation, they seem like innocent and good ideas.  One of the first questions to ask when reading legislation is “How does this help me protect the property I own?” and the bigger question for all concerned “How does this protect the United States?”

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