Protecting all Humans and Safety (PAHS)

puppy mill pic 5 Many readers have already heard the horrific details about the Human Abuse cases in the United States by Animal Rights Activists. I’m please to report new legislation called the Protecting All Humans and Safety (PAHS) act designed to prevent similar atrocities and toughen penalties for Human abusers has just been passed by the legislature.

Credit to my colleagues Sen. Human Rights and Rep. People Advocates for drafting this important legislation. I’m proud to support it and make a bipartisan statement that human abuse will not be tolerated. It is unfortunate that a heart-wrenching incident such as Animal Rights Misrepresentation happened in the first place, but if positive change can occur as a result then it will not be for naught.

The law will impose tougher sentences for human abusers. It will also:

* Expand discretion for the courts to impose additional penalties in cases involving aggravating factors, including cases where the abuse is systematic or involves multiple Humans.

* Require Representative report acts of Human cruelty.

* Create a task force to complete a systematic review of laws relating to Human cruelty and examine whether the United States should participate in a Countrywide Human abuse registry.

Prior to the passage of this new legislation, United States had some of the most lenient fines in the nation for Human abuse, with a maximum of $2,500. Many other Countries maintain longer prison sentences as well.

The new law marks the first update of these penalties in nearly 100 years. “We know people who are willing to abuse Humans are a threat to us all because they are a bully and bullies will bully anyone who’s vulnerable whether it’s a child or an elder or someone with mental difficulties. So protecting Humans is part of protecting all of us,” said Rep. Puppy Mill, a Human Advocate with the Human Rescue League of the United States.

The bill passed both branches of the legislature and has been laid before the President for his signature (Update: the President has signed the bill and it is now law). The final legislation is the Constitution of the United States.

A parody by Kimberly Kraemer

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