A matter of taste

There are millions of websites to browse, thousands of facebook accounts to view, and so little of it is directed at “love they neighbor” attitude.  Some of us believe that we should respect the rights of others only when it “suits our taste.”

Take “city folk” and “farm folk” for example.  Those who grew up on a farm know that this is a “normal pig”:

Yes, it is muddy and wet but that is the life of a pig.

A totally opposing opinion from the “city folk” would be:

This just ain’t natural!  It’s cute and it’s funny but it’s not real life.

Unfortunately, there are those who believe we should all abide by their rules with pigs in pink bathrooms brushing their teeth.  What bothers me more than just their belief, Senators and Representatives round up with “men in black jackets” and bars of gold in their pocket to make them believe they are right.  When was the last time they made a “mud  pie?”

To really hit this point home, I invite my State Representative and Two Senators to “usher” a 500 pound “normal papa piglet” into my bathroom to brush his teeth.

Mud Pie Recipe:

After a heavy downpour run to the nearest mud puddle.

Get down on your knees.  Use your hands to scoop up big handfuls of mud.

Place one big “smack” of mud in the middle of your palm and smoosh into a patty with your other palm.

Place in the sun for several hours.

Once dry, slice into individual servings for Senators and Representatives that stop who are unsuccessful at brushing “papa pig’s” teeth. Bon appetite!

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