Woooooo Nelly! The Kentucky Derby

Last fall I wrote about the American Horse Council with all of their friendly connections to drug companies which I found very contradictory considering the American Horse Council was pleased with Rep. Ed Whitfield when he introduced the PAST Act.  The PAST Act is a piece of legislation to prevent owners from applying fly spray and preventing horses from eating wild mustard greens.  Yes, you read that right.  Please be sure to go out in the field to make sure your horse is not eating the wrong “grass.”

And then I had to wonder why the CEO of Pepsi was so upset concerning horse issues when they pulled out of the Tennessee Walking Horse SHOW a couple of years ago.  By golly, because it’s competition to the Kentucky Derby!  And Pepsi has its hands all over the Kentucky Derby!

But why does Pepsi care about some show that has nothing to do with race horses.  Because there are some big dollars to gain in the Kentucky Derby legislative arena and Ed Glasscock of the Law Firm Frost Brown and Todd wants to make sure his buddy Ed Whitfield is getting plenty of dough to run for reelection.

Rep. Whitfield is definitely interested in making sure we all stay healthy.  Out of the 1.5 Million dollars he has raised for the 2013-2014 season, almost ¼ of a Million came from the Health care/Pharmaceutical industries.  But then again, you have to understand the pharmaceutical companies.  You have to create a problem to funnel the money into the company’s bottom dollar profit.  So, we have to use our friends just a little to get things going.  How do we do that?

Well, you know those attorneys.  Most of them are out for a buck whichever way they can get it.  But let’s go for the big ones since they obviously have more “pull” than anyone else and an attorney connected to the horse industry would be great for a genetic test and some DNA samples that we need to make a drug test for Mustard. LOL!  I admit it.  I’m a mustard eater.

So who’s the biggest law firm connected to the Horse industry in Kentucky Derby area?  Frost Brown and Todd with chairman emeritus Ed Glasscock, you know the one that sent a middle aged little old lady a threatening letter telling her should couldn’t use information that she gathered on her own time.  He even has two lawyers specifically educated in the Horse Racing industry, Joel B. Turner and Paul E. Sullivan.  Those three look like great guys to get tight with.

Ed Glasscock is one heck of a horseman.  He owns Kentucky Wins lobbying organization to spread gambling throughout Kentucky.  FYI The horse race track is not about the horses.  It’s a marketing ploy to lure people into the casino.  Kentucky Wins help “craft..and adopt legislation” for Kentucky.  Funny that Representative Ed Whitfield has some horses that are Thoroughbreds and uses an account to do lobbying under Thoroughbred PAC to send money to some of his good friends.

Ed Glasscock hangs out with some of the most interesting people and his law firm represent some of the most famous organizations around including United Parcel Service and their namesake Big Brown who won the Kentucky Derby.  United Parcel Service was kind enough to donate $5000.00 to Rep. Whitfields account on Feb. 11, 2014.  Maybe the CEO of UPS and Rep. Whitfield are going to do the town out there in Beverly Hills on Aug 8th of this year and surely Mr. Pacelle, CEO of HSUS, would be happy to join them.

I’m sure Frost Brown and Todd—Mr. Glasscock will be sure that his Attorney’s Joel Turner and Paul Sullivan who specialize in “horsing” around will see that UPS’s namesake Big Brown will be fine in his retirement home.  I wonder how Big Brown is doing.  Where was that I heard he was at…the Black Beauty Ranch maybe?!  I think I remember reading somewhere that HSUS owns the Black Beauty Ranch or was that ASPCA.  You all are familiar with HSUS, the largest lobbying firm in the United States that felt so threatened by the voice of a middle aged little old lady that they just had to make a law to ruin her animal business when she started telling everyone about the connections between HSUS, Pepsi, President Obama, Toyota…my goodness the list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Speaking of bigger and bigger, have you seen that account balance for HSUS.  Like….Woooooo Nelly.  Now I wonder why the IRS isn’t taking a look at that tax exempt organizations business finances when they obviously have more money than they know what to do with considering the fact that they provide Mrs. Whitfield with a hefty check to “pillow talk” with her husband about legislative issues.  But then, I suppose the IRS has more important things to do like audit a little old middle aged white lady that makes less than $10,000.00 a year in animal enterprises.  Even though Lois Lerner has “retired” she sure does have some strings.

And I really do have to wonder why Rep. Whitfield was so gang ho about the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act written by HSUS when the people who donate to his “lobbying organization” Whitfield for Congress  are from Griffin Industries who provide rendering services—ummmm…..slaughter services.  Griffin Industries is part of Darling International who are deeply invested in rendering animals and Biofuels.  Stay tuned…This gets much better.

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