Talkin’ ’bout Whitfield

Everyone is talking about Representative Ed Whitfield these days…and for good reason.  When Rep. Whitfield took money from HSUS where his wife works as a lobbyist, that was not lobbying.  Lobbying is when a person who is paid to contact representatives TALKS with the Representative.  Bribery is when someone pays a person to vote/do something.  When Rep. Whitfield said his wife did not “lobby” him on the horse issue concerning soring, he was quite honest.  When he said that he was already swayed to that issue, he was correct.

Mr. Keith Dane is the “head hauncho” at HSUS for horse issues.  Mr. Dane is really considered a “lobbyist” by any stretch of the imagination and that doesn’t take much.  The USDA is a government office and anyone that is contacted by a person to influence their decision is “lobbying”.  But what about when those people within the Government Departments are your friends….Ah ha! Conspiracy!  Check out how friendly Mr. Keith Dane, Connie-Harriman Whitfield (Rep. Ed Whitfield’s wife-lobbyist for HSUS) is with those in the USDA that have the capability to give someone a federal violation for stepping in the wrong direction…

Email from APHIS to Keith Dane (Click on the email for better view):

From April 15, 2012

Whitfield Dane USDAWhitfield Dane USDA

and from March 13, 2012

dane usda cezar 001

Kimberly Kraemer

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