AKC: Friend or FOE

Since I’m on a break today, I thought I would write a little about our most favored dog registry, the AKC.

While I can say that in previous years, I was probably one of their biggest fans.  I love Dalmatians, always have.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)was designed to prevent harm to the Agriculture Industry because it is our protection for our companion animals and Food source.  One would think that the AKC would understand what the AETA is and was designed for.  Although, I had I my doubts a few years ago when they wouldn’t prosecute an animal rights display in the middle of Westminster.  Instead of defending the AETA, the AKC actually denigrates it and the person that has received a death threat, violent death of one of her animals, trespassing, breaking and entering of her home etc.   The below is an excerpt from a  legal filing on behalf of the AKC in regards to the violations mentioned in the previous sentence:

“the AETA, criminalizes ‘force, violence, and threats involving animal enterprises.’ ……The AETA ‘was passed to combat “violent acts” such as “arson, pouring acid on cars, mailing razor blades, and defacing victims’ homes.’ It is not intended to prohibit lawful expressive conduct or ‘to create new remedies for interference with activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of the First Amendment to the constitution, regardless of the point of view expressed, or to limit any existing legal remedies for such interference.'”

For all those that think they are being helped by the AKC, please read this again.

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