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We the people are all individuals and have our own ideas of right and wrong. The majority of us agree on the basic moral values which are supposed to create the laws that we abide by. There are many people who we don’t fully understand because of either a lack of knowledge in a certain field or because we are unaware of facts that have not been fully revealed. The right way is not always the easy way and can sometimes cause great distress. When you believe in something as strongly as George Mason did, right or wrong, you should stand by your belief until someone proves you either right or wrong. While Mr. Mason’s name may not be the most famous in American history, his beliefs are the most quoted beliefs in history. A Declaration of Rights.  Was Mr. Mason a fool or as brave as he could be.voice of dissent        <<<<—–I’m with him! Kimberly Kraemer

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“As the delegates gathered at the Pennsylvania State House in May 1787 to “revise” the Articles of Confederation, Virginia delegate George Mason wrote, “The Eyes of the United States are turned upon this Assembly and their Expectations raised to a very anxious Degree.” Mason had earlier written the Virginia Declaration of Rights that strongly influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing the first part of the Declaration of Independence. He left the convention bitterly disappointed, however, and became one of the Constitution’s most vocal opponents. “It has no declaration of rights,” he was to state. Ultimately, George Mason’s views prevailed. When James Madison drafted the amendments to the Constitution that were to become the Bill of Rights, he drew heavily upon the ideas put forth in the Virginia Declaration of Rights.” http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights.html

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