There have been many prominent events in my life that effect what I believe.  In recent years, there have been many events where I could have legally sued another to my gain.  I refrained from those actions on the grounds that I believe that people are basically good.  People get into situations where they are misled, make mistakes, and feel they are backed into a corner.  I prefer to give people a chance to make things right on their own instead of having a judge force someone to do what is right, until recently when “the law” has refused to defend my rights granted to me and every citizen in the United States by the Constitution of the United States.

The majority of us believe that the law is to protect those who are innocent and I believe(d) that also.  My view of the law is really for law enforcement to seek charges against a person who has committed a crime.  It should not be left up to individuals to protect their rights, i.e. the reason for a police force.  If someone has stolen something from you, law enforcement should be responsible for prosecuting that individual.

Let’s step this up to a higher level.  Theft is not only where someone enters your home to take your belongings.  Theft, in modern day, has become law.  Money is property and yours to do with as you choose.  When the law forces you to buy an item, it is “legal theft”.  If someone told you that you had to buy a box of Kleenex, regardless of the reason, you would tell them where to go.  If someone told you that you had to buy a bicycle, again, you would tell them where to go.  Many of today’s laws are designed around this very principal.


If you want to own more than 5 dogs, you must buy $25,000.00 worth of renovations to your home. Beneficiary: Construction workers and those who produce dog enclosures.

If you want to own a vehicle an park it on your property(not operate it), you must buy a license plate.  Beneficiary: Government

If you want to operate a small vehicle, you must buy insurance. Beneficiary: Insurance Companies

If you operate a small vehicle, you must have/wear/install seat belts or be fined.  Beneficiary: Local Governments, Vehicle Manufacturers

If you want to live, you must buy health insurance. Beneficiary: Insurance Companies

Etc. etc……  These are all “excuses” to force you to buy a product or spend money (property)

The Fourth Amendment to the United States of America Constitution “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probably cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The law is a funny thing.  It can be used and twisted to mean almost anything you want it to mean.  But, let’s take the line that is in bold and expand.  Forcing someone to buy a product from another person or business is a form of seizure.  And  how do lawmakers think this legal?  They make you believe it is a safety issue.  For instance, lawmakers tell you that everyone must have insurance to drive a vehicle in order to protect others, a safety issue.  But is it really?

Drivers that do not have insurance would logically be more careful than those who do have insurance.  So what is the real reason?  Bankruptcy.  If someone has an accident that is more than they can cover, the person files bankruptcy.  So, it’s a form of protecting the state.  But is that the only reason?  Nope.  Representatives make tons of money off of lobbyist.  Lobbyist represent many special interest groups and one of those who spends millions and millions of dollars on lobbying our Government is Insurance Companies!  Those Insurance Groups are in Business to SELL insurance.  Their lobbyist do their darndest to make sure laws are passed that force you to buy insurance policies.  Year by year those requirements are increased taking more and more of your “disposable” income. This is unreasonable seizure of your property! Those lobbyist become friends with those who sit on the committees that decide if the proposed law is “good for the american public.”  They persuade their “committee friends” and lawmakers that it’s a safety issue, the committee agrees, and recommends passing the law.  Lawmakers pass the law because they are worried about being re-elected and don’t want to be seen as someone who doesn’t want to protect the public.  In other words, Politically Correct which by the way is INCORRECT.

As a person who now has no disposable income, I am tired of lawmakers telling me that taking of property is legal.  I am tired of being forced to buy certain products so that their “friends” can make an extra buck.  I am tired of being “taxed” just for being alive or forcing others to provide for me just because I cannot afford health insurance mandated by our government when our government gives non-profit tax exempt status to HOSPITALS, a BUSINESS that operates FOR-PROFIT on medical research that is Fraudulent!~ when I wouldn’t visit the local hospital willingly if my life depended on it.

Chief Justice Roberts “Construing the Commerce Clause to permit Congress to regulate individuals precisely because they are doing nothing would open a new and potentially vast domain to congressional authority.  …….The Commerce Clause would give Congress the same license to regulate what people do not do…..The Framers knew the difference between doing something and doing nothing. They gave Congress the power to regulate commerce, not to compel it.  Ignoring that distinction would undermine the principle that the Federal Government is a government of limited and enumerated powers.”

His words should ring in your ears over and over.  This means that government can regulate a business but cannot force people to buy into the business.  Insurance is a product.  States that force people to buy insurance are forcing people to BUY a product to protect themselves from unknown future circumstances that may or may not happen whether that be health or car insurance by using scare tactics. This is the equivalent of a fortune teller saying that you must visit her 3 times per week and pay $100.00 per visit to prevent a disaster from happening to you.

Government that does business with a business and forces you to buy the products of that business is illegal in the United States, its call EXTORTION: illegal use of one’s official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage.  AKA:  A SHAKEDOWN.  When you are forced to hand over property in order to abide by laws that benefit another, it is an unreasonable seizure.  Who has bought insurance for years and years claim free(my hand is up), only to be turned down when making a claim?  Insurance companies hire lawyers to write their contracts which benefit the companies themselves and leave every instance possible to deny every claim they can.

You are forced by your government to buy a product that does not even do what it is are legally required to do.

Recently, I was involved in an automobile accident where I was obviously not at fault and did not have insurance.  Insurance company law firms came after me personally based on that fact alone. During the hearing, the judge said “this would have been easier if you would have had insurance.”  Would someone care to explain how “this” would have been easier?  Regardless as to whether or not you are defended in court on your own behalf or have a lawyer representing you and a multi-billion dollar insurance company, how does that prove or disprove your innocence?   I’ve driven millions  of miles accident free and buying insurance as an accident free driver is like an atheist being required to buy a bible.  If I were responsible for an accident, I would own up to that.  However, just because I didn’t buy a product that someone wanted me to buy, law firms and insurance companies have sued me personally.  Let’s see, would you like me to buy your home because you can’t sell it and I am homeless?  I’m sure we could think of a law that requires that.

And why do you think the insurance companies came after me personally and asked the judges for “summary judgment” in order for the witnesses to “not be present” when a driver involved in the accident said “the insurance company was going after Ms. Kraemer because she had no insurance”, not because of fault?  So they could use the accident as a statistic to say that “the sky is falling”.  Look at these accidents that took place where all these citizens were not protected.  We need to increase the laws concerning uninsured motorist.  Right back to where we started with lobbyist going to lawmakers to increase laws in order for the “manufacturer of the product” to receive MORE business and More of YOUR MONEY

The Constitution of the United States comes first.  Any laws made are made under the Constitution.  It is illegal for anyone to force you to buy a product.

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