America the Great

She was once the land of the free, home of the brave, where buffalo roamed and antelope played. People were happy back in those days. There were no skyscrapers, newspapers, or Television. Through people, she started to become something great where people worked the land, made the crops grow, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. One day, they thought it was a great idea to make laws for people to abide by. Good idea until people got greedy, stopped taking care of the land, failed to make the crops grow, and took everything she had until there was no heart left to take. She really loved her people but her people took advantage of what she had given them, all without thanks, without gratefulness, without so much as a nod to make her feel better. They enslaved her in the pursuit of the American dollar, not the American way.

Then one day, someone very wise saw how great she is, a little rough around the edges but just needed a little cleaning up after all the damage that had been done. He knew all that she had been through, and despite her resistance, he talked her through the rough spots, and made people proud to fly her flag.

People often talk about their rights, their thoughts, their opinions, and their life. America was actually born, does she not have rights? Look for a moment all that she gives us. If there were no land, would there be food? If there were no sky, would there be air? Could human life exist without land?

America is your neighbors and they are your partners in protecting the earth, the sky, and your universe. Treat them with kindness, forget about petty arguments, and try to work with them instead of fighting. If a person down the street needs a cup of sugar and you have a cup of sugar, give them a cup. That small gesture will be repaid 20 times more. A thank you not only provides the recipient with a smile but also shows you are grateful for their efforts. A neighbor who believes in these principals would never steal from you, give you a home if you should need it, and provide you with food if you are starving.  But, you should always beware of those who intend to deceive.

The Declaration of Independence contains the words “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to which everyone has the right. The pursuit of happiness does not come at the expense of others and there is no life or liberty if another’s happiness is stolen for your own personal gain.

It is not only your right to freedom of speech but also your right and obligation to defend that right and all others with every ounce of blood in your body when a “business” believes it is their right to take your rights or your neighbor’s rights. To do otherwise, shows a complete disrespect for those that gave their lives to live Free.

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