Due Credit

Sometimes, throughout life, you meet people who believe you are an exceptional person.  Oftentimes, they will be people in authority who have the ability to put permanent marks on your record that follow you around.  These marks can be good or bad.

Teachers will often say to a very bright student that they gave them a low mark to put a black mark on their record.  This can sometimes be good.  That teacher is often singled out when others view your record for employment or other purposes.  They call that teacher to understand what the problem was in his class.  More often than not, that teacher will give the highest praise upon that person who he gave a “black mark.”

But looking at the overall view, what if every teacher wanted to do that?  A person who deserves straight A’s throughout their school years would have received, for instance, all C’s.  Is this fair to the student when they go out to try to find employment and the first thing employers see is their report card?  Most often, employers have so many applicants that they only spend 5-10 minutes on an application.  They do not have the time to call every teacher to find out why that particular student received a low grade.

It is wrong for employers/teachers to expect their students/employees to do their work with outstanding excellence and then for those employers/teachers in return to “stab them in the back.”

Always give people the credit they deserve and never take credit for someone else’s work.

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