A tribute to Frank Losey



Mr. Frank Losey is a wonderful person who has the best of intentions. There are always problems when two people meet. Everyone has their own idea of what is right and wrong. Those people learn from one another and sometimes the people are such strong willed people that they learn so much that they can actually do harm to each other.

Just for example. Frank and I both have very strong moral values. While we are both right and agree on most issues, we sometimes bend the rules just a little to help the other person. The problem is not that we bend the rules, it’s the rules themselves. If one person can not do what is right for another, then there is something wrong with the rule.

In my past, others have taken credit for things that I have accomplished. It set a very strong moral code in me that does not allow me to take credit for another persons writing. It is wrong for so many reasons, both good and bad. So here’s the catch 22, he is right and so am I. Frank wanted me to submit briefs that he wrote to a court without his name and signed by me. As everyone knows, he’s an attorney and has been for many years. The problem? Everyone thinks that is a very nice thing for Mr. Franklin W. Losey to do. You are right. However, there is supposedly a rule that prevents an out of state attorney from filing briefs in a state they are not licensed in even when they are doing work for free on behalf of a person with no income. I became aware of that rule and questioned Frank very directly along with questioning him about information that the opposing party gained knowledge of. Because of my very strong moral ethics, I could not submit paperwork to a court without making a note within the brief and in handwriting that I thought Mr. Franklin W. Losey was submitting paperwork to the opposing party and that Frank refused to file briefs that he had written. While these two issues are the main reasons that I had to notify the court that he wrote the briefs. I can not take credit for something that I did not write. I love him dearly and he is the best friend that I’ve ever had but our phone arguments did not persuade him to do the right thing. Not only did I notify the court, I sent him a copy of what I submitted so that he could be prepared to defend himself. It was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever had to make.

I’ve been through this type of situation before when I defended the fact that I believe in doing what is right but not necessarily by the rules because the rules are not always right. Therein lies the problem and I hope that Frank will not only be very proud of me for doing what I have done but will help me fight the rule that was trying to make me decide between my very best friend’s trust and my ethics. Just because my friend is a lawyer, it should not prevent him from helping me when I live in another state just as a rule should never prevent people who care about each other from doing business together, loving one another just because a rule or regulation says they can’t. The rules are wrong, not the people who have to abide by them. It should not rip out my heart to be able to follow my strong moral code and to do what is right.

Thank you, Frank, for everything that you have done for everyone that is being persecuted by the rules and regulations of OUR government.


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