Easter Story update

Update: My name is not Jesus.  Please stop trying to hurt me.

I’ve been through hell in my life and fighting against those that are out to destroy this country has only brought me more hell. I’ve done it all from trying to work with people in the AKC, worked with people involved with animal research, worked with those that are involved with animal rights trying to make them see how they were only destroying their own living, tried to show proof of how research in animals has been tampered with and fraudulent results only provide poor medications to people, tried to give everyone an idea of what it’s like to be attacked by animal rights gangs that steal property from people because of their sanctimonious “helping the animals” slogan, tried to give all of my time, most of my money to the point that I’ve been declared a pauper, tried to show everyone how they lie and cheat the legal system, how they attack children through mind control, how they invade churches to turn a church against their own congregation, how they do all of these things and yet they are still here. They steal our food, our shelter, our religions, our rights, and our very souls because we are all so interested in putting that all mighty dollar in our pocket. As someone once said, “we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.” We empower our government and have given them so much power that it has become corrupt.

I’ve spent the past six years of my life doing nothing but trying to help people. Trying to show them that just because someone is doing something you don’t particularly care for does not mean that they are bad people. It means they don’t understand what they are doing wrong. To treat people as if they are disposable is so wrong. Most that I have been around do not seem to understand is that when someone does something wrong, you don’t beat them. You help them understand. Sometimes it means that you, as the person that has been wronged, might take the blame for them but then they see exactly what they did to you because they see how much it hurts and what that feels like because they see your pain. If the person is someone who is really a good person and worth keeping as a friend, the pain that you feel is double for them. It’s a way of teaching in a non-violent manner. It’s something you don’t forget. This method not only makes the person a better person but also makes it easier for them to understand how it feels to stand in another person’s shoes.

Jesus died on the cross to teach this exact lesson. Happy Easter.

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