Dr. Arnold Goldman

Arnold L. Goldman DVM is on the Board of Directors of the NAIA and also the National Alliance of State Animal & Agricultural Emergency Programs (NASAAEP) and works for APHIS!

The NASAAEP, Board of Directors NAIA Arnold L. Goldman, has a yearly “symposium”.  In 2012, that symposium had a roll call of many interesting and distinguished people.  It included: Pamela Reid, speaking about how the ASPCA conducts their sheltering program. Dick Green, speaking about ASPCA costs for animal sheltering. Dan Harpster, speaking on behalf of APHIS. Mark Clark Pacific Northwest Region Director at USDA, Priscilla Fitzmaurice USDA, Mario Lerardi EPA discussing Animal Carcass Disposal Considerations.

This list doesn’t even include all the other government officials that spoke at that symposium which included reps. from the DOI, USFWS, FEMA, etc.

And according to Mrs. Strand’s (National Director/Founder of the NAIA) previous emails in which she told a member that was asking questions about “renewal”, NAIA could not promote any specific Congressman or legislation because “NAIA is a 501 c 3, which can not engage in “politics.”   However, just briefly going through the respected board members of the NAIA, almost every single one of them is a “legislative” something!!!!  And Dr. Arnold Goldman is on all three on the following: NAIA, USDA/APHIS (CT), AVMA, and NASAAEP.

Dr. Gerald Rushin, Veterinary Medical Officer United States Department of Agriculture, has had an interesting history.  The assistant director job [AVMA Washington bureau], vacated last August [2006]by Dr. Gerald Rushin, entails lobbying government agencies and Congress on matters related to homeland security, emergency response, food safety, pharmaceuticals and public health for veterinary medicine.


Arnold Goldman NAIA


Dr. Arnold L. Goldman “The story I am going to give you here today is more political and anecdotal..”  Dr. Arnold L Goldman is part of “The Department of emergency services and public protection Emergency Management and Homeland Security.”  His title is “ESF-11 Agriculture & Natural Resources (Animal Protection) Dr. Arnold Goldman”  Now I understand all this government title stuff can get a little confusing but if you stick to the main information,  Dr. Goldman is involved with the USDA/APHIS division since APHIS is the emergency response for the agricultural sector.

Hmmmm…..isn’t HSUS also the emergency response unit for APHIS????!!!!!!!!!

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