Sonny For Sale

Sunny Side Up

 (oil painting by Kimberly Kraemer)

The Antarctic is a cold and brutal place where only penguins dare to travel.  We dress up in black coats with tails, put on a fancy tie and shoes to present ourselves as respectable creatures of the earth.

There is a very dark side to our nature that is as cold as the ice beneath our feet that runs through our veins.  We manipulate our atmosphere to win at any cost including the respect we once had for ourselves.  The truth about us is so sinful that we dare not tell on another.  Very few of us will take the road less traveled.

Our prey are those who do not know how to navigate our world.  We find smaller fish than ourselves, circle them into a trap, and we each take our bite.  Once they are there, there is no stopping us.  We play with them once they are under the ice, as helpless as a child on a waterslide that doesn’t know how to swim.

Once upon land, we encounter those who are bigger than us.   We do not stand our ground.  We run to the water to escape and surround ourselves with those like us.

My name is not just Sonny or penguin.  I am also called a lawyer, a State Representative, a Senator, and your government.

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