Just a Mutt

Montana Wyldfyre

Montana Wyldfyre

The Indians used to say that those like me are a special breed because we are more like humans than anyone could imagine.  The stories handed down from many generations of those that were tied to the land and aware of the sky realized that the emotions could be shown on my face.  I may not be able to vocalize words but if you pay attention, the expressions on my face and how my body moves will tell you exactly how I feel.

The oil painting of me that you are reading about was done by my owner.  I should know.  I watched her paint every single inch of it.  While I may not understand why she did it,  I know she did it for me.  Everything she does, she does for me.

The picture in the right hand corner that the painting was made from was taken when I was almost 2 years old at a show in OhiO.  At the time, I was ranked “tied for 34” in Dalmatians.  While some of my spots have faded and I’ve gained a few spots along with weight,  I am just as special as I was the very first day my owner laid eyes on me in an online advertisement, bought me as a new pet, named me after my predecessor, Mister Wipple, and voided my AKC registration when the AKC refused to defend me.

In order for me to keep my reproductive tract, my owner had to pay extra money and sign an agreement that she would show me in AKC events.  We enjoyed going to shows and, most of the time, I was the clown of the ring who brought a smile to the faces of those who were too serious about ribbons and government politics.

After becoming embroiled in an all-out war to defend my healthcare in an AKC club and finding a research article that exposed falsehoods about Dalmatian and human health, my owner was attacked so severely by animal rights that it not only cost her the life she once knew as a happy person but it cost us the livelihood that provided a roof over my head, her reputation, our happiness, and our friends.

The only time that she and I have been separated was when she was falsely arrested and I was stolen from her.  She has no idea what happened to me during those four miserable hours that we were apart.  I have never been bred with my owners consent.  Anyone that claims to have offspring from me is not telling the truth.  My voided AKC number is NP12710105.

She has not faltered one step of the way but continues to defend the right to own me and protect me from all who hate me.  We are paw in hand and I would defend her as vigorously as she defends me.




Just a Mutt (Kimberly Kraemer’s Best Friend)

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  1. Sugar says:

    I am just curious why were you arrested and who took your dog? I am assuming to be ranked Dalmatian #34 he would have been a champion and a great accomplishment. I do understand the politics of the show ring from 40 years ago and am sure it has not changed. What was so dramatic that you were no longer happy and lost your livelihood? I do remember that top named kennels did require one to either spay and neuter the dog for a pet or to exhibit and try to finish them but that would have been on your contract. Just wondering what happened. I stumbled across your article researching the breed.

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