“Trade Ya”

There have been hundreds of thousands of voices that I’ve heard complaining over and over again about how much money the government spends.  I’ve heard many solutions to that problem in different ways.  Some of the most outspoken people I’ve heard call for an IRS “overhaul.”  The problem always comes back to getting someone that is in charge of the department to do an objectional audit.  This is asking someone that gets paid by the very “company” they work for to audit their “company.”  Most would say that’s impossible.  Maybe not impossible but what could be another “quicker” solution?

My view is a tad different than most.  I’ve been through “the mill” more than once even at the very young age of 99.  There’s not a whole lot that I haven’t seen and very little surprises me although I absolutely love it when someone tries.  For all of you that have done me the favor of making me smile, here’s my “surprise” for you.

There’s a new game in town and it’s called “Trade Ya”.  This is how it works and it doesn’t cost you a dime.  I’m not selling anything here although it may sound like it at first.  I’m giving you a smile and “ammunition” to use at your disposal.  This type of “ammunition” is something EVERYONE has.  The “ammunition” is knowledge of your skills, profession, or talent.

Instead of using money, use your skills to “Trade Ya” for a skill that someone else has.  It works just like money but doesn’t involve one dime that the government can tax.  Some of us have already become experts at this and don’t even know it.

For Instance:

An accountant needs his lawn mowed and a Lawn Care Person needs some accounting work done.  The accountant offers to do some accounting work for the “lawn guy” and the “lawn guy” offers to mow the accountant’s yard in “Trade Ya.”

This works in every situation! Regardless of your skills, talent, or profession.  It’s the same thing as cash just not done as a cash transaction!

If everyone starts to do this, the government will not have any “money” to tax!

This is how I do it.  Make out some pieces of paper with your name on it.  When you owe someone a “favor” write out what you can do for them, sign it, and hand it to them.  When that person needs the “favor” done, be sure to be true to your word and actually do what you “contractually” agreed to do.  This also works verbally, especially with people you know.  Your handshake should be as good as a piece of paper.

To get everyone started, here’s my resume in a very brief format.  My skills are extensive but I’ll give the main industries that I’m familiar with.   Anyone that needs something done, give me a holler by email or letter in the mail just put “trade ya” in the subject line.  And, I’ll list some things that I need.  Anyone that can fill that, give me a holler and I’ll see what I might be able to do for you.  Just remember, it’s a “Trade Ya” game in real life.  That means that the deal has to be satisfactory to both parties and no money.

My areas of “knowledge”:

Extensive internet research
Trucking Industry- Every segment of the industry including state, government paperwork
Forming Businesses
Novice Advertisements
Novice Websites
Farming Industry
Novice bookkeeping
Dog Training
Animal Care- household pets and farm animals
Men- :)- This one is just a “funny”.  No woman could ever understand men. LOL!
Food Production- tons of eggs and chickens in the early spring and summer months.
Sports- although I’m “too old” and rickety to play, I do know lots about it.
Highly computer literate
Opinions 🙂

Things I have lots of willing to part with:

Lots and Lots of Coca Cola Christmas Bear ornaments
Trial size shampoos, conditioners, soaps
Specialty paperclips-has little hearts on them
Paper-notebook paper
Some misc. books by Steven King-A few Recipe books-ect.
Lots of other things I don’t need just like everyone else (just ask)

Things I need:

My walls needed some paint so I decided to paint them with letters and momentos that I’ve received.  Needing more letters.


Warren Buffett may be a “financial” genius by giving his version of how to solve the deficit problem.  This is my “second grade” education version of how to SOLVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING PROBLEM!  If they ain’t got it (MONEY), or have it all (MONEY), and no one wants it (MONEY)  then it (MONEY) becomes WORTHLESS!

Kimberly Kraemer
12 W. Old Kokomo Rd.
Marion IN 46953

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