I Understand! written by Kimberly Kraemer

Anyone notice lately how it’s almost impossible NOT to break a law these days?  Today, I was on my way to the courthouse and post office to file a notice of appeal, for a bogus Insurance lawsuit filed against me by an insurance company that has literally allowed their attorney to “lie” in court documents for them and with a seal of approval from Judge Todd, when I noticed it was either drive over the center line or hit some of the biggest potholes a road ever had in a car that I borrowed.

My first thought is “which way do I go?”  It’s either hit the pothole possibly doing damage to a car that I borrowed from a friend or possibly get a ticket for driving over the center line.  My choices came down to either the moral route or the legal route.  Which would you do?  And why should you have to choose between moral and legal?  Shouldn’t they both be the same or very close?

So I’m thinking, I shouldn’t have to drive over the center line on a county or city road to avoid pothole hazards that someone is paid to take care of.  Who’s responsible?!

Everyone, or most everyone, pays a state/county tax and property tax through their paycheck.  My first stop was at the Highway department’s website.  It said: “We handle all maintenance of county roads, including paving, snow removal and county bridges.”  Then I went to a couple of property tax records.  1st was a business that paid a heck of a lot of money.    $0.00.  ZERO???  For a business that had the Mayor’s wife on board paying her a weekly salary?   And then an owner’s private residence who had a county property tax of $170.68.  What is wrong with this picture?!

Only one specific duty and the roads look like this?  Times are tough.  I understand.  We can’t all have everything but do they really do everything they are supposed to do?  And is this a reason to force people to break the law?  Anyone who received a ticket for driving over the center without causing any accidents when their excuse was “to avoid a pothole” and had to pay a fine should automatically be excused! Don’t forget to notice, a traffic ticket to avoid a pothole is MORE MONEY for the courts.   But then, we have elected judges like Judge Todd who allows an officer of the court to “lie” and get away with it!  Yes, justice is done. LITERALLY!

Where is that Mayor of the city my postal address is attached to?  Oh, that’s right.  He took a “business” trip to China in hopes of bringing in “new business” instead of promoting citizens in the area to encourage more local business.  I’ll have to write him when he gets back.  When was it he was supposed to return?  Anyone know?  I wonder if his “friend” that went with him would know.  Well, I guess I’ll check the online newspaper for some news about that.

Many drivers are surprised to see grass along the right-of-way growing longer than the typical lawn. With thousands of acres to maintain, treating the right-of-way vegetation the same as a homeowner maintains a lawn is not possible… each right-of-way will be mowed three times a year.”  What’s this?  The county is PAID to mow the ditch/right of way?  Since when?  The county hasn’t mowed the “right of way” ditch in front of this house since I can’t even remember when!  I did notice while on the way from getting some papers notarized that the ditch in front of the Highway Department was very neatly trimmed.  I forgot.  The county tax withheld from every taxpayer’s paycheck is now going to a higher paycheck for the Superintendent or is it being used for another purpose like paying the judge’s paycheck?  Who knows where all that money is going?!

Again, times are tough and we are all busy getting to the next job or task that needs performed.  I completely understand why Judge Todd allowed an officer of the court to “lie” under oath.  It’s OK that I’m now unemployed, not receiving any state or government benefits at all,  and had to use 45 sentimental $2.00 bills to pay for a transcript of what I said in court even though it would have been easier to use a tape recorder that is NOT allowed in a court house that would have cost me absolutely nothing.   I completely understand!

I’m sure my tummy will understand why it isn’t being filled.   I’m sure the friend that gave me those $2.00 bills will also understand why I had to give away his keepsakes.  I’m sure my animals will understand why I had to “run errands” that prohibited me from spending that time with them or mowing the county’s ditch which the county gets paid to do with a lawn mower that I had to buy and gas from the cookie jar money . I completely understand.

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