ET, Please Take Me Home!

There are many businesses that are legitimate and do business as they should.  The problem is when the owners of those businesses get greedy and start to do things the way they shouldn’t.  I’ve had a little taste of many different professions.  They range anywhere from scooping poop at a pig farm to genetics.  Quite a range of business.  The titles never proceeded my name and the little initials that bring clout have never appeared after my name.  Some might think “gosh, she got ripped off.”  Completely on the contrary.  I am as proud as I can be that I never specifically paid for an education in the customary fashion.  My “education” came straight from good old hard work which included some wonderful but perhaps very argumentative people.  All the more to my benefit.  If no one contests what you say or write, how do you know if that person understood what you said or if there might be another point of view that you hadn’t considered?

In a classroom, students are litterally paying a person to teach them the fundamental skills of a certain profession.  Most, not all, do not realize the money they are forking over because they aren’t paying for it with cash.  Since the money factor doesn’t become a realization until after graduation, the attention span of that student is usually less than complete.  What could be worse?  Students are given grades that they don’t deserve just to boost the rating of the college/university or to make a very rich donator to a university a proud parent.  Those same students are given important and sensitive positions within companies earning very high salaries for jobs that they have very little understanding of.  To make matters worse, many of those people that now have those important little letters after their name work in government positions who make laws/regulations that everyone else has to live by.

I’ve been lucky to hear so many points of view.  I listen or read what they have to say and I logically try to figure out where I might be wrong or where they might be wrong.  The benefit of the doubt is always given to any viewpoint because there can be misunderstandings that each do not understand.  The reason for an objective view.  This is the job of a government official such as a Senator or State Representative.  That is what they are paid to do.  So my latest research has been which government officials are really doing their job?

The way I went about this was to sign up for Senator emails, listened to lobbyist that had different viewpoints, and watched some of the laws that the Senators were passing. Putting yourself in another’s shoe is a great way to understand exactly what their job is, what it entails, and why they take the actions that they take.  It’s a racket.  Senators are so removed from the general population that most of them have no clue what a regular family goes through daily.  Sure,  they do a “meet and greet” the population by going to gatherings.  But, how many of you have actually met your Senator?  Who in the heck has time or money to drive half way across the state to meet a Senator that would have about five minutes, if you are lucky, to introduce himself just to run off to meet the next person? And why shouldn’t the opposite be true?  A Senator actually have to get out and meet the public on his time in the district or state that he/she represents that you are paying him for?!  How dare I suggest such a thing!

I try to be understanding.  There really is only so much time in a day and a Senator does have an “important” schedule to keep.  Let’s try a letter.  I sit down, on my own time, on my own paper, with my own pen, with my own ideas, and try to get a point across about certain important issues.  It can take me anywhere up to a couple of hours to do this because I’m not a professional writer.  That does not make my ideas or concerns any less valid than any other person.  The letter goes into an envelope, I put a stamp on it, and send it out in the mail. And I wait, and wait and wait and wait.  My gosh, a month has gone by and I haven’t heard a thing?  How Rude!  That Senator has staff that is paid with taxpayer dollars to reply to those letters.  Oh, that’s right.  My fault.  My letter has to go through screening because of the Anthrax threat that happened a few years ago.  That would be what about 12 years ago and all over a threat from a terrorist group who Congress can identify, has been given non-profit charity status by a federal agency who Congress has oversight.  That’s the reason MY letter was delayed?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  What a way to ditch a very high paying job and still get paid!  I’m trying to be understanding here.

OK, so I finally receive a reply in response to my letter.  I’m all smiles at the mailbox when I recieve the response thinking “I’m finally getting my point across.”  I open the letter like it’s Christmas day only to read the reply doesn’t even address the topic I wrote about.  How Rude!  Smiles turn to anger and I sit down to write another letter.  This time with a much more direct point.    And I make sure I let them know how rude it was.  Into the mailbox and two weeks pass.  A response!  How cool.  Thinking “I showed them.”  All smiley faced, I open the letter.  It says “thank you so much for writing and I’ll keep your thoughts in mind” signed by the Senator and written by one of those “college graduates”! WHAT?  Keep my thoughts in mind?  I just told a Senator that a company was paying employees on company time to write letters to their Senators to pass legislation that would benefit the company where they work!!!!!  Another letter with the same response, I just told a Senator that some people that I know were getting paid Social Security Benefits without having worked a paid day in their life and never contributed to the Social Security fund!!!!!!  Another letter with the same response,  I just told a Senator that some non-profits are acting as domestic terrorists!!!!!    At the present time, I have a letter out regarding health research problems that effects your healthcare.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  I might hear something by Thanksgiving.  So sorry about all of you people that are currently being treated with this “malpractice”.  The Senator is Busy raising funds for his next election!  This is all OK???  Is this sending me a message or what?  It’s now OK to delay, lie, steal and cheat as long as you make a law to do so???  So, I complain further.

I write a letter to a Senator’s boss.  Myself.  Never Ever Vote for that Senator again!  Could’ve saved myself the time, money, and “duty to country” if I would’ve thought about that to begin with.  Why was I taught in grade school about duty to country if the people that represent it don’t believe it?  That second grade education sure did pay off.  I hope the taxes that are paid to the schools out of property taxes of people who don’t have children are doing as much good!

Well, that got me nowhere.  Let’s listen to a few lobbyist to hear what they have to say.  If you’ve never heard a Snake Oil salesman, just listen to a lobbyist (AKA former Senators/lawyers).  They are easy to pick out.  They are usually retired Senators or active lawyers who haven’t got anything better to do other than making everyone’s life miserable.  Lobbyist are equivalent to the High School Rumor machine except they get paid for it, sometimes under the table.  They place a whisper in a Senator’s ear hoping that person will repeat it.  Then they meet the next person and whisper just the opposite of what they just told the other person.  What do they hope to accomplish?  A downright fist fight!  Senators and Representatives don’t actually use their fists to fight, they either use someone else’s fist or they write legislation to make people mad.  Who pays for this?  We do, in more ways than one.  Goodness, they can’t all be like this, can they?  So, I meet a lobbyist that I think might actually have some scruples.   Writing the title lobbyist and scruples in the same sentence is an oxymoron!  That might be a tad bit of an exaggeration.  I’m sure there are lobbyist that are true to their word but I’m still trying to figure out what planet they are inhabiting.  Makes me believe that Blagojevich was framed.  “In March 2012, Blagojevich [a former politician] began serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison following conviction for corruption including the soliciting of bribes”  Isn’t that what lobbyist and Senators do everyday?  If so, where should all of our Senators and Representatives be?  There is a very “fine line between lobbying and bribery“.

Where in the world is this going?  Good freaking question!  It’s a huge ring with everyone scratching the other’s back as long as you play the game.  They are big bullies.  If they don’t like the rules, like the good rules…. treat others as you’d like to be treated, they just change the rules/laws.  Has anyone ever seen “The Untouchables”?   Is there anyone out there that still believes in right and wrong?  I didn’t say law.  I said right and wrong.  Are we all to turn our heads and not watch while our country is taken over by terrorist?  Is there anyone out there with backbone?  I just don’t understand anymore.  ET, what is your phone number.

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