Don’t allow the USDA APHIS destroy the family home!  The reason for the Animal Welfare Act was for laboratories that do research to advance animal/human health medical procedures. The AWA was born on the back of a home-raised Dalmatian named Pepper.  She was stolen by an “animal rights” and then put to sleep just to promote legislation. In other words, the commercial picture w/stainless floors shows that it’s ALL FOR MONEY!

Before and after 1
Before the regulations take effect                                      After, if the regulations take effect.

The AWA has specific regulations that only a commercial kennel for animals or a medical laboratory would qualify.  Now, before the new Anti-Pet APHIS Regulations become effective, the living room of a hobby breeder looks warm and inviting where children play, people sit down to watch a movie, and look over a dog and her litter.  After November 18, 2013 if an injunction is not filed, a living room will have to be turned the “After photo”, into a type of “medical facility” with cages, a sanitation system for dog waste, and a place where the family dog would have to be removed from its loving family.

AKC insists that the best way to raise a puppy is through socialization.  Children and their parents are perfect at this wonderful education.  Able to smell puppy breath, teaching the puppy house training, watching over the litter in case anything goes wrong.  If an injunction is not filed to prohibit the USDA/APHIS from making you purchase thousands of dollars worth of remodeling materials to completely revamp your living room into a “medical laboratory”/shelter atmosphere, socialization for those puppies will suffer.

Who loses?  The dogs, the puppies, and the children!  Please contact the AKC and insist that they file an injunction against the new Anti-Pet Regulations before November 15, 2013.

Just copy and paste these addresses into your “To” box on your email program. Email addresses for the AKC Board of Directors:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

SUBJECT LINE: Protect the Puppies!

Then either copy and paste  the letter below or one that you write yourself:

Dear American Kennel Club (AKC) Board of Directors:

Please do not let Pepper die in vain again!  Please give her the dignity to “rest in peace”.  Don’t let this happen again!

I not only ask as a pet owner/breeder/citizen but I INSIST that you file a federal injunction against USDA/APHIS to stop this invasion of private property, safeguard the rights of breeders, protect the right to own a dog, and ensure that our children will enjoy the company of a dog/cat/hamster/gerbil or any other “regulated” species!

You receive over $28 Million Dollars in registration fees, not mentioning income from AKC dog show entry fees, product sales, health testing, and the list goes on from breeders, pet owners, and over 5000 member and affiliate dog clubs.  We all have the right to raise puppies in conditions that meet and exceed those of a child.  It is AKC’s responsibility as “the dog’s champion” to protect our rights against “bad dog laws” as you advertise to all dog owners.

Thank you,

(insert your name here)


First picture found here

Second picture found here A commercial business.

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