Silver and Gold or COPPER

Some people wonder why the Humane Society of the United States’ CEO would have anything to do with the type of ammunition used in a firearm.  Me Too!  Wayne Pacelle would probably give you some type of rigamarow about certain kinds of ammunition made out of certain kinds of materials are dangerous for wildlife.  Well, gosh, aren’t all kinds of ammunition dangerous?  Seriously!  I mean the whole point to using ammunition to begin with when hunting is to kill the animal that you shot at.

Wayne Pacelle HSUS typepad. 08-2013 “Specifically, in California, we are backing a bill to phase in a requirement that hunters use non-lead ammunition. The Assembly passed the bill, A.B. 711, by a two-to-one margin, and if the Senate follows suit and Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill, California will become the first state to require the transition to ammunition made of copper”

Total amazement of how a lobbyist can twist their words to make anything fit.  Everyone has to remember the reason HSUS is in business to begin with.  Money and Power.  It ain’t got nuthin’ to do with anything else.  It’s not about animals, their welfare, the environment, or any other lame brain excuse they want to give you.  Where’s the money in the legislation that Pacelli is promoting this time?  COPPER.

I’ve written before about the connections between the HSUS, T. Boone Pickens and his wife Madeline (ex?), and all the business transactions that were/are taking place.  So why would it surprise me that “Billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ investment fund is pumping $5.6 million into Phoenix-based exploration and mining company Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc” in February of 2013 and Wayne Pacelle, CEO and Pres. Of HSUS, is promoting copper ammunition?  It doesn’t surprise me one bit.

This is absolutely brilliant of Mr. Pickens.  I slap myself across the face thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”  Because I would never use the type of resources that he does to put money in my pocket.  It’s worse than ….who knows.  I can’t compare it to anything.

Would it surprise anyone that “Pickens bought $6.9 million worth of Exxon, the Irving, Texas-based company” in 2011?  Absolutely not.  So what the heck does Exxon Mobile have to do with Copper.  Anyone remember the Exxon Mobil Valdez oil spill?

Valdez oil spill happened 25 miles off the coast from Valdez Alaska.  This is where the Alaska Pipeline is located.  Drilling for oil in Alaska is a Goldmine.  LITTERALLY!  Do you know that Gold and Silver are a byproduct of mining for COPPER?  Valdez Alaska just happens to be the location of “Kennicott Copper Mine. The mine, located in the heart of the Wrangell-St.Elias Mountains, was one of the richest copper ore deposits on the continent.”

And isn’t it just as coincidental as can be that Mr. Picken’s and his wife “confiscated” hundreds if not thousands of acres in the Nevada Gold Mining District to use for those poor neglected wild horses, one of the richest areas in the country for GOLD.  Remember, gold is a byproduct of mining for Copper.

And isn’t it just simply amazing that a lot of the people that work in the Gold mines are immigrants that are bussed to the area of gold mining in Nevada to live for many weeks before returning home, with their persons checked for any little sliver of gold on them and told that all information they know about the mines is Confidential.  Now I wonder why Wayne Pacelle is promoting legislation for COPPER ammunition.  If you mine for a material like copper, ya gotta have a place to sell it..

My Goodness, what a way to make a Fortune!

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