If there is one thing that burns my butt more than anything, it’s a hypocrite.   There are groups popping up left and right that will take your money and anything else you might own by way of saying they are “helping you fight for your rights.”  One such group is The Cavalry Group (INSURANCE).   Watch out for that Disclaimer.

They say they are “protecting the Constitutional rights of animal owners.”  OK, we all believed them to begin with.  We took them at their word and what did they do?  The same thing that HSUS is doing.  They took your money by saying they would help you with animal rights attacks if you become a member.  We’ve all read the disclaimer on their application by now that reads “Disclaimer: The Cavalry Group, LLC, reserves the exclusive right to cancel any Membership and refund unearned Membership Dues”.  Regardless of what may happen even if you are a member and if the CG group doesn’t want to represent you for any reason whatsoever, they don’t have to according to their “disclaimer”.  Some may look upon this as Fraud.

There has been a conversation lately about someone stepping forward to file an  injunction against the USDA/APHIS about the new Anti-Pet regulations that were just released, finalized and will take effect November 18th 2013.  The CG claims to “protect the Constitutional rights of animal owners” but yet they have “refused” to step forward and use the money that was paid to them in good faith by animal owners to file an injunction against the USDA APHIS.  This regulation does not just apply to dogs and cats but ALL REGULATED SPECIES.  If the new USDA APHIS regulations aren’t a Constitutional infringement, then by gosh I really don’t know what a “Constitutional Right” is!  “The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.”

So what are they doing with the money ?

“Katharine Dokken is represented by The Cavalry Group. The Cavalry Group is a private organization that focuses on animal law and protecting the Constitutional rights of animal owners.”  Katharine Dokken’s website.  She’s supposedly a book writer making money off of stories about those that have been victims of HSUS raids and frequently promotes the Cavalry Group.

It’s really sad when someone uses information that is freely given on the internet to inform others about how terrible animal rights groups are, those like HSUS.  People like me who go completely out of their way to inform the public without making a dime off of it, others take the research which took hours upon hours to find from people who do it FOR FREE and use it to make money.  That is so DAMN WRONG!  While you can’t say that they strictly copied the information word for word, they watch blogs like this one to pick out information they want to use that no one has found and then EXPLOIT IT FOR THEIR OWN MONEY MAKING AGENDAS such as selling books or providing animal breeders with insurance that they can never use.

I freely give information because I really want to get rid of animal rights groups in the United States that function in a terrorist fashion.  Those that believe in animal rights without exploiting or misleading other people, to each their own is what I say.  Unfortunately, most animal rights groups do not tell the truth.

I’m not a Cavalry Group member, never have been and never will be.  But if I were one of those that has been misled by the Cavalry Group to believe that they are there to “protect the Constitutional rights of animal owners”, I would be one of the first to say WHERE THE HELL IS MY REFUND!

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