Director Questioning!

Most of us don’t particularly like politics.  We know that it’s usually a deceitful game and we prefer to do our regular jobs, feed our families, mow the lawn, and shovel the snow.  I agree!  But every once in a while, we have to stop and see if the roses still smell like roses.

I’ve done my fair share of “but I shouldn’t have to check up on our government officials.  It’s their job to protect our interests.”  And my favorite “I shouldn’t have to check on what my clubs board of directors are doing.  They have to follow the rules of the club.”  I’ll even admit to allowing a few mistakes because everyone makes mistakes.

When those in leadership positions, such as a President or Director of a club or a government official, make mistakes and it is pointed out to them the mistakes they are making, refuses to correct those mistakes, then defends their point of view with no basis for that defense, everyone should be questioning the direction of that organization!

These are not personal attacks.  If I were to take a leadership position such as a Director of a club and I violate the very reason the club exists then someone asks me to explain my reasoning, I should have very clear explanations and answers to those questions.  That is not a personal attack on me but a clear questioning of what direction I am leading a non-profit organization.

Answers like “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” or “I’ve got it all under control.” or “But I’ve done so much for this club.”  or “I’ll explain it later, I don’t have time right now.” or “I know the deadline is only a couple weeks away, I’ll get back to you then.” or the thousands of other patronizing, tongue-twisted answers are UNACCEPTABLE.

The AKC and the NAIA have some very serious questions to answer and I have yet to hear any clear explanations and answers to any of the valid questions that have been asked of the Director of the NAIA who works with the AKC and is not only an AKC Breeder of Merit but also a spokesperson for the AKC Legislative Agenda!

AKC first ever legislative conference held by the AKC Federation of Maine Dog Clubs/DBA NAIA TRUST in 2012: “Patti Strand of the National Animal Interest Alliance was the first speaker at the conference, and it’s significant that she was given this lead-off spot.  The AKC and the NAIA work closely together and complement each other. These two organizations  are the leaders in the fight against regressive legislation ”

Federation of Maine Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners
dba NAIA Trust
Perry Moore, Vice President
916 Crooked Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Mrs. Patti Strand, Director/Founder of the NAIA was quoted to say “I can’t speak for AKC and haven’t talked to them about their take on an injunction. ”

WHY HASN’T THE DIRECTOR/FOUNDER OF THE NAIA SPOKEN TO THE AKC ABOUT AN INJUNCTION AGAINST USDA/APHIS NEW ANTI-PET REGULATIONS THAT WILL EFFECT EVERY SINGLE DOG OWNER IN THIS COUNTRY?  There are 20 questions for Mrs. Patti Strand, Director/Founder of the NAIA and spokesperson for the AKC legislative agenda located at this link

Below, is a picture of the Federation of Maine Dog Club.  Read for yourself.  “Regulations currently on the books are more than adequate to track down offenders.”


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