Give Me Five

Dogs are loyal to a fault. Take that literally. Regardless of what you do or what you say they will almost always come back to get a big hug or a wet sloppy kiss on the face. It is a wonderful quality for dogs and humans but as humans, we have to take reason and logic into consideration. I’ll be the first to stand up and say that I’m as loyal as any dog. BUT, when my loyalty has been misused or abused, I fight to the end to show proof of how that loyalty was misused.

Kids in grade school would stand up and say the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. We were taught that police officers and those in authority positions were our friends. Some of us are very slow learners or we need sound proof that what we were taught as children no longer holds true.

One of the last hopes that I had was that of Judges. People that are elected to listen to both sides of an argument and hand down a fair judgment. It brings tears to my eyes to even think that system has sunk as low as it has. Here is how it works:

Where it starts: LAWYERS/ATTORNEYS

People go to school to learn a trade and one of the top paying jobs that many want is a law degree. They get their law degree and they are immediately out for hire. The problem, lawyers know the little ins and outs of the law and manipulate that law to suit them to win cases. No kidding! Anyone seen the amount of cases that are Summary Judgments? This is when the defendant, even when they have entered a letter contesting the lawsuit and notified that they will receive a hearing, is not allowed to defend themselves regardless of what the actual facts of the case are when a devious lawyer has connections to the judge. But, there are many other ways for lawyers, judges and defendants to manipulate the system. Let’s go for a really devious one.

Let’s say we have two corporations owned by most generally the same people. Some are on the Board of Directors on one company and others are just “employees.” So one company is needing some cash but they don’t want to move money directly from one company to the other because then they would have to pay taxes on that money and would have a very easy papertrail. A paper trail is the last thing a big business wants because if something goes wrong with one business they don’t want the other affected.

So how do they move the money without anyone knowing about it? Right in front of your nose! One company will sue the other company for a legal cash/stock transaction. You say but, but that means they would have to pay tax. Right again. I’ll try to keep this simple when actually it can get very complicated and keep in mind that I’m not a lawyer with any experience at this at all.

Let’s say that the two businesses are publicly at odds with each other. Please note that I said publicly! That doesn’t mean they aren’t working together behind the scenes to accomplish exactly what they want. Anyway, Hypothecially, we’ll use the Ringling Bros. Feld Corporation vs. HSUS/ASPCA. For paperwork, most people would say that Feld and HSUS are on the complete opposite sides of the table but behind the scenes they really want the same thing. Feld doesn’t want individuals to own exotic animals because they want the population to go to the circus to see the animals. HSUS/ASPCA wants the exact same thing Feld wants because they want people to pay them donations for their “sanctuaries”. So why would one sue the other? A legal money transaction and PUBLICITY! It’s called a Media Circus! HSUS/ASPCA owns/controls most of the media outlets which generates all kinds of publicity when they can create a big commotion. The lawsuit pays the lawyers. How many of you think that a Lawyer is going to stand up and say “but this is wrong!” None. Some of them know what is going on and the rest are just following instructions. The Media Circus pays the “journalists”. The media gets paid by the advertisers/sponsors. The lawsuit sets a precedent that can be used later down the road to the advantage of either party, defendant or plantiff. In this case and many others, it’s a win-win for both the plaintiff and the defendant not to mention all the other “collateral” money that is generated by this one case.

I hear ya. You are saying but the ASPCA paid Feld over 9 million dollars. Again, I said Hypothetically but here’s the advantage of paying that 9 million dollars. First of all, how much do you think companies spend in advertising yearly? How much in donations do you think the ASPCA brought in because of this “trial?” This particular lawsuit has drug on for over 10 years with major political and media coverage. That’s one hell of a deal! And the lawsuit is still continuing! Still paying lawyers, still being covered in the media, still being covered by political agendas.

So is the judge doing anything wrong? Oh shoot no, he’s just doing his job by listening to the case. Are the lawyers doing anything wrong. Oh shoot no, they are just arguing the case that they are being paid to argue. Are the companies, in their each individual capacity doing anything wrong? Oh Shoot No.

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