After asking questions about some serious concerns regarding genetic tests that are run on AKC registered dogs, my email address was removed from the PetLaw list.  Therefore, I’ll not be able to post, defend, or explain anything that I have written.  If anyone from the petlaw list or anyone else for that matter has questions, you will have to comment here or send me a personal email.  Mr. Hutchens, moderator of the petlaw list, was sent a personal email asking for an explanation as to why my email address was removed.  He has not yet replied after a week or more.  As far as I am concerned, an online email list is nothing but that.


The questions were regarding the company that AKC, and for that matter UKC, uses to test for “genetic” problems as well as those involved with the organization.  Mr. Hutchens touts first amendment rights are abused.  Perhaps he should also read those rights, that is if he really wants to get to truth or is it that he is scared of the truth coming out.

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