A Direct Lie!

The USDA not only “fibs” to you but gives you a direct LIE!  Here is a perfect example concerning the new USDA/APHIS Anti-Pet regulations.

HSUS backdated submission to APHIS-

Those numbers and dates have meaning.  Notice “Comment from The Humane Society Legislative Fund/The Humane Society of the United States, submitted a disc that contained Edited and Unedited comments in support of docket aphis-2011-003.  This disc is available for viewing in our RAD reading room.”  Public Submission to APHIS on 5/13/2013 ID: APHIS-2011-15369.


  1. The disc contains EDITED comments.
  2. The ID number and the DATE for the HSUS submission of comments.  The comments are submitted to the USDA and given a number in order by date received.  In this case, the HSUS comments were given the number 15369 and the date received was 5/13/2013.  This stands for the number in order that the USDA received this comment from the public.  Open comments to the public started on May 16, 2012 and closed on August 15, 2012HSUS gave submissions of comments to USDA/APHIS more than EIGHT MONTHS after APHIS closed the comment period for the public!
  3. Representative Bob Goodlatte was even given special rules.  His comment was received on 9/6/2012.  This was more than TWO WEEKS AFTER the comment period for the APHIS regulations CLOSED!  Aren’t all rules/laws supposed to apply to ALL people the same?


Regulatory impact analysis APHIS

Notice how the USDA issued another Regulatory Impact Analysis on 9/16/2013?!  A regulatory impact analysis is required to be filed by the USDA when a new regulation is proposed.  While the USDA can not or will not provide numbers of how many complaints they received concerning animal welfare, they did provide a number of how many people this “rule” would effect.  Their estimate was “1500.”  Logically, step back and think about this.  There are many registries for animals (not just dogs) in the United States.  But to keep this brief, The American Kennel Club has over 800,000 registrations in 2011 alone if you do the math from their tax return.  While not all of those registrations will be breeding stock, just take 1/2 of those registrations, 400,000 dog owners not “1500!”

The Civil Rights Impact Analysis was done AFTER the close of the comment period and was not reopened to allow any public comments.  In the Civil Rights Impact Analysis done by APHIS on 9/16/2013 regarding the new Anti-Pet regulations, it states: ” APHIS determined that this rule will primarily affect dog breeders with more than four breeding females at their facilities, those who sell offspring as pets, and breeders with an online presence.”


1. dog breeders with more than four breeding females at their facilities

2. those who sell offspring as pets

3. and breeders with an online presence

THIS RULE EFFECTS EVERYONE!  DO YOU THINK THAT APHIS IS NOT GOING TO USE THAT INFORMATION LITERALLY TO THEIR ADVANTAGE FOR MONEY TO COLLECT FROM ANYONE THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON?!  If you sell one dog as a pet, If these regulations are not contested, you might as well say hello to Wayne Pacelle, an animal rights activist who does not want anyone to own a pet.


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2 Responses to A Direct Lie!

  1. Anonymous says:

    According to APHIS “We received 75,584 individual comments, 134,420 signed form letters, and 213,000 signatures on petitions submitted by organizations supporting or opposing the proposed rule” http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2011-0003-15373

    Hmmm…..The number on the HSUS submission was 15,369 which would have been the last submission or close to the last submission given to APHIS regarding the “retail pet store” regulations. “Numbered in order in which they are received” HOW COULD THERE HAVE BEEN 423,004 (ADDING ALL SUBMISSIONS TOGETHER 75,584+134,420+213,000).

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