VICE-CHAIRMAN AKC Dr. William R. Newman “ is Chair of the AKC Political Action Committee (PAC) and advisor to the Bedford County Humane Society. Dr. Newman also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Kennel Club and is the AKC Delegate for the Mastiff Club of America. Dr. Newman resides in Bedford, Pennsylvania where he formally served as Mayor and on various civic committees.”

According to the Bedford County Humane Society webpage “The Bedford County Humane Society is not funded by any government organization…”  The Bedford County Humane Society, who AKC Vice Chair Dr. William R. Newman is an “advisor” to, received $15,000.00 in government grants in  2010 according to their tax return.

And since Dr. William R. Newman is the Chair of the AKC Political Action Committee,  formerly served as Mayor, and advisor to Bedford County Humane Society,  why would the Bedford County Humane society state on their IRS tax form that they did not engage in lobbying? Well, who knows …. No big deal, just the same thing the HSUS is doing!  But AKC is all for the dogs so that makes it OK, right?

AKC hired Greenberg and Traurig LLP as Our Lobbyist.  Greenberg and Traurig LLP is located at 2101 L St. NW Washington DC. Right next door to our good friends HSUS at 2100 L St. NW Washington DC.   Greenberg and Traurig LLP also represent The Pew Charitable Trusts.

AKC has spent $60,000.00 in just the first part of 2013 on lobbyist according to  So let’s see who these lobbyist are that represent Our AKC. The little circle next to their name means that those particular lobbyist have been in some other type of government work in their employment history.  AKC hired:

  • Barron, Edward                         :
    • Previous positions of Agriculture Committee, SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE, Chief of Staff, Senate Agriculture Committee.
    • And who did this Edward Barron give political donations to?  Bob Casey, Christie Vilsack (USDA Tom Vilsack’s wife who took a political donation from HSUS), Debbie Stabenow, Sherrod Brown etc. with a total of $14,000.00 to the Democrats and $500.00 to the Republicans.  Interesting, to say the least!
  • Blagman, Diane J:
    • Previous positions of Chief of Staff, Representative Bob Carr(In 2012 Carr became Adjunct Professor in The Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University—-that alumni keeps popping up!); Associate Staff, House Appropriations Cmt.
    •  No political donations showing
  • Sanderlin, Joshua
    • No political donations or previous positions
  • Slomowitz, Alan
    • Previous position of Chief of Staff, Rep. Bob Borksi(He was generally classed as a liberal Democrat); Prof. Staff Member, House Transportation Cmt.
    • Donated $5000.00 to the Democrat party and paid his lobbying firm $3000.00 (go figure).  $1000.00 went to Tim Holden D-PA (imagine that, same state Dr. Newman is from) $3000.00 to Tom Carper D-DE and $1000.00 Tim Caine D-VA.
  • Williams, Michael E
    • $7,300.00 to 14 different Republicans
    • no official positions held.

Then take a look at the FEC for the AKC PAC.  Not much happenin’ there except….

Disbursement (money paid to candidates/government officials):

The Jamie Eldridge Committee
P.O. Box 641
Acton, Massachusetts 01720


James   Eldridge, STATE SENATE Middlesex &


Sponsored by state Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Acton… The bill would help clarify existing laws and help prevent abandoned animals’ suffering, said Kara Holmquist, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals director of advocacy, who is likely to offer testimony on Eldridge’s bill as well as many of the others scheduled for hearings that day.

Brad Hill Committee
54 Stevens Ave.
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843


Bradford   Hill, STATE HOUSE 4th Essex MA


Logan’s Law, H.B. 344, a Massachusetts bill to ban devocalization of dogs and cats was supposed to be called for a second reading today. The bill has passed the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. State Rep. Bradford Hill passed on the bill.

Anne Gobi Committee
PO Box 600
W Brookfield, Massachusetts 01585


Anne   Gobi, STATE HOUSE 5th Worcester MA


I did about a ½ hour search and couldn’t conclude one way or the other which way Ms. Gobi stands on animal issues.

These three “donations” were the only three “donations” for the latest quarterly report filed by AKC PAC that has $25,000.00 still in the bank (a lot of good your money is doing there).  I wonder if it was difficult to spare that $1000.00 out of over $50 Million in assets that the AKC has!  But then, I will congratulate them on making sure they are not spending too much on lobbying according to their FEC report….just don’t check too closely.

Time to check into what OUR AKC Chair is doing.  It sure would be nice to find out that he is, at this moment, filing a federal injunction against USDA/APHIS to protect our right to our dogs without USDA snooping in our medicine cabinet!


Just copy and paste these addresses into your “To” box on your email program. Email addresses for the AKC Board of Directors:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Then either copy and paste the letter below or one that you write yourself:

Dear AKC Board of Directors:

Thank you for your reply concerning an injunction against the USDA/APHIS regulations that take Affect on November 18, 2013.  Time for discussing this issue with USDA has gone on for over 18 months, as you noted in your reply.  AKC must stand by their word when they promised every AKC registered pet owner that AKC would “safeguard your rights against bad dog laws.”  I am INSISTING that you file a federal injunction, with money already paid to you in good faith, against USDA/APHIS regarding the regulations that take effect November 18, 2013.

Please inform me of exactly when this injunction against USDA/APHIS will be filed.

Thank you,

(insert your name here)

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  1. Carol Calhoun says:

    if sick puppies are being shipped,the veterinarians need to be involved-why are they issuing health certificates on sick puppies?Shorten the time limit of the health certificate to 2 days and make all vaccinations being given by a veterinarian mandatory-and make the county’s animal control officers inspect the breeding facilities in their county each year or as often as necessary.Too many breeding animals in human residences should be a problem of the local health department not the USDA

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