HSUS formed the Breeders Advisory and Resource Council (BARC) in June of 2011. As you already know, Kathryn McGriff, BARC Council member and AKC Breeder of Merit, was one person that was at the meeting with USDA/APHIS ONE MONTH BEFORE the proposed regulations appeared in the Federal Register along with Deborah Dubow Press, Animal Welfare Institute and the ASPCA.  The list goes on. What are you going to do about it?  Instructions below.

At that same meeting with Kathryn McGriff and Deborah Dubow Press that took place one month before the regulations/law hit the Federal Register.  The meeting, April 13, 2012, included submitted documents in favor of the APHIS breeder regulations that are available on the Office of Management and Budget website.  If you take the time to read through them, on page 8 is a letter dated April 11 2012 from Theodore E. Paul addressed to Cass Sunstein.

Theodore E. Paul is also on the HSUS Breeders Advisory and Resource Council (BARC), the “Past-President of the World’s largest Single-Breed Club, The Collie Club of America, and as an active AKC licensed dog judge…”

QUOTING The AKC licensed dog judge Theodore E. Paul: “It was my pleasure to spearhead the PUPPY MILL BILL a few years ago, here in the state of Oregon!…we thank you for your action and encourage you to put this rule into effect as soon as possible for both dogs and responsible breeders everywhere.”

Does it appear that “this rule” was drawn up way before any citizen knew about it before it hit the Federal Register by HSUS and AKC?  Does it appear that HSUS and AKC colluded together to form the APHIS regulation that prevents any person from shipping ONE puppy sight unseen with the automatic assumption that they are a “terrible breeder”?

THIS REGULATION AFFECTS EVERYONE!  EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY A PET OWNER, THIS REGULATION AFFECTS YOU BECAUSE THE PRICE OF YOUR NEXT PUPPY WILL SKYROCKET AS SOON AS THE REGULATIONS TAKES EFFECT ON NOVEMBER 18, 2013. Hobby Breeders will not be able to afford the “commercialization,” nor police inspections of their homes to breed a dog!  Supply and demand!

Just copy and paste these addresses into your “To” box on your email program. Email addresses for the AKC Board of Directors:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Then either copy and paste  the letter below or one that you write yourself:

Dear AKC Board of Directors:

I not only ask as a pet owner/breeder/citizen but I INSIST that you file a federal injunction against USDA/APHIS to stop this invasion of private property, safeguard the rights of breeders, protect the right to own a dog, and ensure that our children will enjoy the company of a dog/cat/hamster/gerbil or any other “regulated” species!

Thank you,

(insert your name here)


These are the people on the AKC Board of Directors associated with the email addresses that you pasted into your “To” box:

CHAIRMAN: Alan Kalter,
Delegate, American Bullmastiff Association

VICE-CHAIRMAN AKC: Dr. William R. Newman,
Delegate, Mastiff Club of America

J. Charles Garvin, M.D.,
Delegate, Marion Ohio Kennel Club

Patricia Scully,
Delegate, Obedience Training Club of Hawaii, Inc.

Robert A. Amen,
Delegate, Port Chester Obedience Training Club, Inc.

Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia,
Delegate, German Shepherd Dog Club of America

Steven D. Gladstone, Esq.,
Delegate, Greater Naples Dog Club

Patricia M. Cruz,
Delegate, Heart of the Plains Kennel Club

William J. Feeney,
Delegate, Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club

Thomas Powers,
Delegate, Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

Lee Arnold,
Delegate, Southern Colorado Kennel Club

Carl C. Ashby, III,
Delegate, United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club

Harvey Wooding,
Delegate, Westminster Kennel Club

Ex Officio: Dennis B. Sprung,

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  1. Excellent information here. This interesting post made me smile. Maybe if you throw in a couple of pics it will make the whole thing more interesting.

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