2 Dogs, 2 Cats, One Arc

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has promoted the “4-6 million animals destroyed per year” for well over 16 years with World Spay Day!!!!  It’s like those commercials you used to see saying “millions of children die of starvation in Ethiopia every year”.  Absolutely, positively, numerically, IMPOSSIBLE.  So why would the AKC insist on pre-mature spay/neuter when its insurance policies exclude coverage of health conditions created by pre-mature spay and neuter?”  And even more puzzling is: why does AKC permit an AKC Breeder of Merit to serve on an HSUS Breeders Advisory and Resource Council who met with APHIS one month BEFORE the APHIS Regulation was posted in the Federal Register?

Singing the same song: The AKC insurance policy states:  “For pets that have not been neutered or spayed prior to their first birthday, no coverage shall apply for illness related to prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, testicular tumors, perianal tumors, mammary tumors, uterine and ovarian conditions, birthing, or injury due to fighting, collision with a motor vehicle or aggressive behavior.“  This is a direct quote from the insurance policy itself.  Many AKC breed club puppy contracts require a new pet owner to spay/neuter their new pet unless that pet is shown in AKC championship events. (This is big dollars to AKC here, folks.  It takes thousands upon thousands to bring a new puppy to championship, especially a new handler.)  This spay/neuter contract eliminates ALL breeding competition.

The results of Dr. Benjamin Hart’s  CHF-funded research into the health implications of spay and neuter in Golden Retrievers have just now been submitted for publication.  In Dr. Hart’s podcast located here on a AKC CHF podcast,  he states  that 6-8 months is NOT an appropriate age to spay/neuter because it will increase osteosarcoma, knee problems, hip dysplasia, Hemangiosarcoma (a malignant tumor of vascular origin),  and mass cell tumors.  Furthermore, neutering increases prostate cancer by 3-4 times; and male and females have increased knee problems and hip dysplasia with early spay/neuter.

The High Volume Breeder Report conducted by AKC and chaired by Mrs. Patti Strand, NAIA and AKC Judge,  made specific recommendations regarding insurance and number of puppies sold.  “AKC offering 60 days of free pet health insurance to every dog registered with AKC.  Pet health insurance is another excellent registration incentive that should raise the value of AKC dogs.”….. “The committee urges that APHIS include in rulemaking: 1. An amendment to the “small breeder” exemption to make the exemption applicable to those premises on which three or fewer breeding female animals of regulated species are kept, rather than the current language which exempts all persons who maintain three or fewer breeding females, even when more than  one such person occupies the same premises.”  I would venture to say that AKC’s Mrs. Strand believes that anyone that has 4 or more breeding females OF ANY REGULATED SPECIES IS A HIGH VOLUME BREEDER! How would APHIS enforce this AKC proposed regulation without AKC breeder information?

APHIS new regulations:  Any person who owns four intact breeding females and who ships one puppy sight unseen is required to apply for a USDA license.

AKC High Volume Breeder Report “The committee also recommends support for all AKC legislative initiatives that could lead to better enforcement of the Act.”  “The Act itself has many loopholes and procedural glitches that prevent it from doing its job.  In addition, USDA seldom receives the necessary funding to do its job effectively.  Substandard breeding operations harm everyone.  Commercial breeders, a majority who comply with the USDA regulations, along with breed enthusiasts and the American public WANTS THEM PUT OUT OF BUSINESS”

Andrew Hunte of the Hunte Corporation brags on his website that “HUNTE WAS THE FIRST (and remains the only)… company to develop, and provide to customers at no charge, extensive proprietary software to automatically download, populate and monitor the following puppy information: puppy inventory by breed, vaccination records, registration records, health claims by dollar amount, historical sales reports, sire and dam research”   Where would Mr. Hunte receive such detailed information about sire and dam research that includes who the breeders are?  The same place where the puppies he buys are registered!  While the AKC may claim it does not give APHIS information on breeders, Mr. Hunte wishes for ALL breeders to be USDA licensed.  Consequently, is there anything that would keep Mr. Hunte, the largest broker/distributor of AKC Registered Puppies,  from giving this information to APHIS or anyone else?  NO!  And absolutely nothing would legally stop him. (IMO, this is an easy “backdoor” scenario for AKC to say “we didn’t give APHIS your information”)

Since Mr. Hunte’s corporation is a member of the PIJAC Pet Effect Companies who works with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), perhaps this might also be a source of “leaking information.”

HSUS formed the Breeders Advisory and Resource Council and had a council member of that Committee at the same meeting that Deborah Dubow Press (three months after leaving USDA/APHIS employment) presented information to the USDA/APHIS concerning the APHIS regulations in April 2012, one month BEFORE the Proposed APHIS Regulation appeared in the Federal Register.   The HSUS Breeders Advisory and Resource Council Member said on the HSUS website February 2012 “We want to protect our right to be responsible breeders and to enjoy and bond with our dogs in show and performance events, but if we think for one minute that ignoring the problem of cruelty to animals makes us responsible breeders and protects our rights, I believe we’re wrong,” says Council member and AKC Breeder of Merit, Kathryn McGriff. ‘We can no longer sweep puppy mills under the rug.’”


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