A Top Notch Boo-Boo?

Heaven knows that I am not the experienced politician who knows all the details of political donations BUT… The Federeal Election Commission website specifically states that an individual may give up to $2600.00 to each candidate or candidate committee per election.  Keeping up with our good friend Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture (USDA-ya know, that little stamp on your meat package that makes you feel safe), looks like Mr. Tom Vilsack “donated” at least $150.00 too much to his BOSS,  President Barack Obama.

I suppose it’s one of those boo-boos like when USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack’s wife, Christie Vilsack took $1000.00 from an animal rights group that opposes eating meat, HSUS.

AMES, IA 50010

04/29/2012 1000.00


06/23/2012 500.00


09/06/2012 500.00


10/10/2012 500.00


10/17/2012 250.00



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2 Responses to A Top Notch Boo-Boo?

  1. Joe says:

    You do good research go get em Now how about providing some direction to have these issues investigated by email of letter writing or even phone calls. I hear they are cutting back on feeding our troops while the HSDA oops USDA implements a hire inspectors paying them more than double our men get paid in the service and all the while impose a new tax on dog breeders. In looking at the authority the Sec of Ag has is clearly states what areas he may promulgate rules for, commercial breeders is not one of them Not does he have the authority to bring in a new type of person to tax and regulate. So oue men go hungry whil;e the USDA APHIS expands it ranks and takes a pay increase as well. What Do you say we do?

    • We have already paid for legal help through our animal WELFARE organizations. Although I do NOT belong to any group or organization, if I did I would insist that those organizations start using your contributions to your benefit instead of their bank accounts. In the meantime, my suggestion would be to ask the Department of Justice to start enforcing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. You can find a form letter at http://www.franklosey.com Click on the “Call to Action” button.

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