APHIS regulations: “Breeder legal Defense Fund” anyone?

APHIS “retail pet store” regulations are final.  Who is going to defend the home/hobby pet owners?  I seriously doubt it will be this wonderful person below.

AndrewHunte-Hunte Corporation: We believe if you breed, transport, or sell
puppies across America – especially over the Internet –, you should be
regulated, and subject to inspection submitted as a comment on the proposed
USDA APHIS regulation that will require EVERYONE that sells even ONE puppy by means of the internet.

The final regulations released by APHIS on September 10, 2013 still has an exemption for Brick and Mortar pet stores.  These would be places like Petland who Andrew Hunte has a significant vested interest, at a minimum–his daughter owns many Petland stores and Hunte Corporation supplies those stores with “his” puppies.

Andrew Hunte- Hunte Corporation started the Breeder Legal Defense Fund “Winning this fight will require every breeder, veterinarian, as well as anyone else who relies on pets for their livelihood, to fight for breeders by financially supporting this fund.” “direct donations to the fund by others in the pet industry, such as manufacturers, veterinarians, vet clinics, rescue groups, groomers and individual concerned citizens.”

Board Members of the Breeders Legal Defense Fund are:

  • Chris Fleming
  • Brian Winslow, Regional Director of Operations at Petland Inc
  • David Miller, Missouri Pet Breeders Association-new president
  • Becky Blaes co-owners and operators of J and B PREMIER PUPPIES, Animal Breeder Representative of the Governor appointed Kansas Pet Animal Advisory Board and as a member of the Board of Directors in the Kansas Pet Professionals organization
  • Dr. Kenton Beard, Veterinarian and a Spokesperson for the Hunte corp- owned by Andrew Hunte
  • Andrew Hunte, owner of the Hunte Corp- dog distributor and manufacturer of pet products
  • Hank Grosenbacher, Vice President-owner of HEARTLAND SALES DOG AUCTION, LLC with partners Steve Rees and Randy Rees.
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