Monopoly: USDA APHIS

Famous for “Do not Pass Go”, Go Directly to page 86 of the USDA APHIS proposed budget for 2014.

It reads:

Animal Welfare.  The 2014 Budget proposed $29 Million for Animal Welfare activities.  This includes funding to fully implement the retail pet stores rule, which will offer welfare protections to dogs and certain other animals sold as pets through non-traditional means.”

This is referring to the proposed regulations by Secretary Vilsack that will regulate home breeders as USDA APHIS does Commercial breeders.

It’s not bad enough that Secretary Vilsack’s wife was just hired by the USDA to work in USAID.  It’s not bad enough that Secretary Vilsack has proposed increased funding to USAID assistance accounts page 6 of the proposed budget.  Nope, we gotta regulate all those breeders that produce one puppy because….well, I guess you’ll have to ask Secretary Vilsack that question.  Perhaps at the same time, someone could ask him to explain the conflict of interest of his wife accepting $1,000.00 from an animal rights group during her run for Congress in 2012.  And perhaps Mr. Vilsack could answer a few questions about his donations to Mrs. Vilsack’s congressional campaign.

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