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Cage Free Eggs

HSUS Says: ”Cage-Free: As the term implies, hens laying eggs labeled as “cage-free” are uncaged inside barns or warehouses, but they generally do not have access to the outdoors.” Can you believe that animal rights groups like HSUS take family farmers … Continue reading

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The Suffering of Horses Act: The SAFE Act

The SAFE act: encourages the use of pesticides and other drugs on horses including experimental drugs, prohibits the humane processing of horses, and interferes with intrastate, interstate and foreign commerce. Animal Rights Proponents HSUS: “Horse slaughter actually prevents horse rescue;” … Continue reading

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Four Legged Money Machines

Behind the Curtain: Most  everyone is familiar with “Skip” Trimble as the spokesman for the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN).  His real name is Robert Trimble and is an active member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, member of the … Continue reading

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