A Poisoned Government

PZP or brand name ZonaStat-H, EPA Reg. NO. 86833-1, was approved for use in wild burros and horses by the EPA.  ZonaStat-H is a pesticide, registered in January 2012 by The Humane Society of the United States.  HSUS not only asks for your precious dollars but takes your tax dollars without your knowledge to poison deer, horses, elephants and a whole host of other wildlife.

This all began “in 1988 Liu, Kirkpatrick, and Cornell classmate John Turner of the University of Toledo, College of Medicine packed their rifles and headed to Assateague Island off the Maryland coast to try PZP on wild horses.”  Most of the time, you’ll hear about a new pesticide registration through the federal register.  Somehow, PZP avoided the federal register but was available for public comment.  How anyone in the public could have known about the attempt to register a Class III pesticide by the Humane Society of the United States is a huge question.

A memorandum was posted to Regulations.gov for public access between 11/16/2011 and 12/16/2011.  At the top of the memorandum, the title is “Posting an FDMS Docket without a Federal Register Notice”.  (emphasis mine)

The document reads “Background:  The Agency received an application from the Humane Society of the United State (HSUS) to register a new active ingredient, porcine zona pellucida (PZP) and its end-use product ZonaStat-H.  ZonaStat-H is a contraceptive with the purpose of controlling wild and feral horse and burro populations.  The purpose of soliciting public comment is to give the public an opportunity to provide questions concerns, etc. so the Agency may properly address them.” The memorandum continues with offering documents to be reviewed.    A few of the citations have links to websites while others,  only titles.

The most interesting area of the “fact sheet” on PZP/ZonaStat-H is the “Citations Considered to be Part of the Data Base Supporting the Registration of Porcine Zona Pellucida.” Seven of the Thirteen  “Citations” were “Unpublished study prepared by the Humane Society of the United States.”  All of the remaining six Citations were composed by Kirkpatrick, Turner or Liu who have a vested interest in the promotion of PZP/ZonaStat-H.

The “Fact Sheet” from the EPA for Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP), brand name ZonaStat-H  issued on January 30,2012 contains information about the pesticide.  “Registration Status: New Chemical, nonfood use.  Toxicity Category III=Precautionary Statements Required.  Chronic toxicity data were not submitted.  There is no human exposure from use of ZonaStat-H, therefore no toxicity endpoints were selected because of the very limited potential worker and dietary exposure.”  Toxicity Data is supposed to be provided for any new pesticide.  On Table 2. “Acute Toxicity Data”  All categories were Waived! Including oral, dermal, inhalation, eye,  and skin irritation.


Fire Island National Seashore, no darts were lost and only six were not retrieved.”  Six were not retrieved.  Wonder how many of those kids on the “self-guided nature trail” at the Fire Island Wilderness Visitor Center found those six that were not retrieved. As to the potential worker exposure, on the registration label “caution is required to prevent accidental self-injection when administering ZonaStat-H.” “Accidental injection may cause infertility in women.”   And toxicity data were waived when the pesticide can cause infertility in women if injected?

Dietary exposure:   According to the USDA Market report for January 10, 2013 out of Las Cruces New Mexico, One thousand three hundred and thirty two horses were shipped to Mexico for slaughter.  While some may be sitting on their high horse saying OMG that is terrible, think how many people in the United States that are starving, without food or shelter, would enjoy a nice hot meal regardless of the type of meat.  Squirrel and rabbit were at one time a main staple.  12 million children go hungry every day in the United States.

Use information on the ZonaStat-H label: “ZonaStat-H is for use only in female WILD and FERAL horses and burros, which are defined as FREE-ROAMING horses or burros, privately or publicly owned….Do not ingest”  How many of the 1332 horses that were shipped to Mexico for slaughter were injected with PZP (ZonaStat-H), slaughtered in Mexico, and then served on a Mexican platter to be ingested?  And how often are those that are applying the pesticide to wild horses with a rifle miss and never find the filled vile only for another animal to ingest?  Are those that work for the Humane Society of the United States a “perfect” shot?

The same export market report by the USDA provided numbers for Goats, Beef Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs.  Total number of all other animals exported for slaughter was ZERO.  Horses are considered livestock and used for Mount, draught, dairy, meat, and pack animal.  Why do we export horses for slaughter instead of feeding our own starving people?  If you were without food, money and shelter, would you eat a steak from a horse?  And what about deer?

Most states have bag limits on deer.  Depending on your location, the limit can run from 1 to about 6 in certain areas.  So why are politicians asking for contraceptive help from the Humane Society of the United States with a poison to inject the “out of control deer population?”  If the deer population is “out of control” why have a bag limit?

In the city of Avon Ohio for instance, an area where the bag limit is 4 deer and hunters pay for a permit, wants to “Develop, in coordination with a university or research institute a proposal …..to use contraceptives for scientific research on white-tailed deer within the municipality” on FREE ROAMING deer where the effects of PZP are “unknown” for acute oral toxicity and “not to be ingested.”  Just how are hunters to know if the deer they bag has been injected with the Humane Society of the United States’ poison, ZonaStat-H?  Why not just remove the $24.00 per deer permit fee to encourage more hunters?  Over 9.2 Million Dollars were generated by deer permits in 2006 and 9.2 Million Dollars collected for hunting licenses and accounted for 32% of the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Revenue.  It would appear that politicians wish to have their money and spend it too.

So why did Ohio Division of Wildlife refuse to offer in-season permits in 2007 and only out-of-season permits were issued for landowners experiencing deer damage?  Does this have anything to do with the Department of Interior paying over $40,000 yr end June 2007, $78,000.00 yr end June 2009, $78,000.00 yr end June 2008, $370,000.00 year end June 2010 and over $500,000.00 year end June 2011 to the University of Toledo for PZP research with John W Turner PHD experimenting with PZP who wrote a few of those citations used to register PZP/ZonaStat-H?

A reassuring note about a request for the use of PZP, but has not been used in all research/application on free roaming deer,  by the mayor of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York on July 27, 2012 was the fact that the request by the Mayor to use PZP  on Free Roaming deer did show that deer injected with PZP would have to be tagged “Experimental Animal, Do Not Consume.”  Although, ear tags are not 100% reliable and hunters that pay a permit to hunt deer would surely be disappointed after taking the time to hunt a deer that they cannot consume, poisoned food.  And what was that note on the PZP label?  “for use only in female WILD and FERAL horses and burros”.

Recently Rep. Donald Young [R, AK-0] introduced H.R. 39: To reauthorize the African Elephant Conservation Act that says “Elephant populations in Africa have declined at an alarming rate since
the mid-1970’s…. trade in African elephant ivory, the parties to CITES established the CITES Ivory Control System…”  We pay, with our tax dollars, to the Humane Society of the United States for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).  The last report found was for $364,832.00 in 2010.  On September 18, 2012 The Department of Interior Funded with our tax dollars to the Humane Society of the United States $62,157.00 for Management of Elephant Populations in South Africa with Immunocontraception (PZP/ZonaStat-H/Pesticide).   Elephants were a source of meat and income in Africa.  How many times have you seen a commercial asking for donations because children in Africa are starving?  Remember, “Experimental Animal, Do Not Consume” and “for use only in female WILD and FERAL horses and burros”.

That “fiscal cliff” that you hear politicians ramble on about is not caused by honest people like yourself.  It is caused by non-profit organizations like the Humane Society of the United States and politicians working together to waste our tax dollars and natural resources.

What will frighten most people more is the thought of this same contraceptive being used in humans.  Previous studies were dropped because it caused irreversible infertility in women by attacking a woman’s ovaries and destroying them.  While the website at this link doesn’t actually say that PZP is being tested in humans, it leads one to believe humans are next.  Remember, humans are animals.

The same organization that is poisoning our horses/deer/Elephants with PZP (ZonaStat-H) is also lobbying our government to prevent horse slaughter and hunting in the United States.  That organization may wish to prevent horse slaughter and hunting because they prefer to poison them with the pesticide, ZonaStat-H, and get paid millions through your tax dollars to do it.  How do you stop a non-profit “charity” from lobbying our government and being paid by your tax dollars?  Contact your Representatives to have The Humane Society of the United States non-profit status revoked by sending them a simple letter found here www.memoryofchaucer.com

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