Pork Over A Barrell

Chris Scott, on 10/2/2012, reported that HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle was eyeing a position on the board of Directors of Tyson Foods who had the full support and advice of corporate raider/investor Carl Icahn.  In his report he wrote “Pacelle says the goal of joining the board of the Springdale, Ark.-based processor is to convince Tyson to set a timetable for phasing out the use of gestation stalls throughout its pork processing operation…”

The phase out of gestation stalls will increase pork prices.

“By Chris Scott on 10/2/2012: Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) President and CEO Wayne Pacelle is in the hunt for a seat on the board of directors of Tyson Foods Inc., with the full support and advice of corporate raider/investor Carl Icahn. Pacelle says the goal of joining the board of the Springdale, Ark.-based processor is to convince Tyson to set a timetable for phasing out the use of gestation stalls throughout its pork processing operation.”

The HSUS produced a “report” in October of 2012 called “Scientists and Experts on Gestation Crates and Sow Welfare.”  Within the report, they include the very well respected scientist Dr. Ian Duncan.  Dr. Duncan states within the article “In my opinion, the practice of keeping sows in gestation crates for most of their pregnancy is one of the cruelest forms of confinement devised by humankind.”  This report has been used on the internet to promote the HSUS’s agenda to Reduce, Refine, and Replace meat from your plate.    In other words, Meatless Mondays that are now being observed in Los Angeles  California could become the “norm” for all of the United States if the propaganda that Wayne Pacelle spills and spreads throughout the country is taken as gospel.

In the paper that HSUS floats around the internet to try to increase the cost of the pork that you put on your plate in order to make you a vegan,  Dr. Duncan’s words should tip you off with the utmost concern.  His statement started off with “IN MY OPINION”.  As a scientist, researcher, and professor of science at the college level, DR. Duncan knows full well that any statement preceded by “IN MY OPINION” means absolutely NOTHING.

The truth of the matter is, Who knows what a pig thinks? AND does anyone really care?  These pigs are being raised for food, not pets.  Animal Welfare is an important issue.  The animals should be taken care of, provided food, water, and shelter.  However, does a pig know what is in its best interest?

Dr. Duncan might think he does since he co-authored a report called “Do domestic pigs prefer short-term to long-term confinement?”  In the abstract or beginning of the article it states “The cognitive abilities of animals with respect to perception of time and anticipation of future events have important implications for their welfare.  This study demonstrates that methods can be developed to ask animals about such things.”  This study is the basis for his college courses on “asking” animals what they prefer.  The question is not what the animal prefers but what is in their best interest concerning welfare.  If you simplify the question asked in the title, it is like asking your dog if they prefer chocolate every day or their dog food.  Which is better for them?  Chocolate is toxic to dogs but are they smart enough to know that?

The study is interesting but only proves that the study is flawed, and the results are not what the HSUS twists the meaning out to be.  This paper shows that there was only a 17% difference in choice of a long confinement period and a short confinement period.  As well as demonstrating that the pigs were more relaxed in long term confinement.  Lying increased from 32% to 71%. Standing versus lying: the pigs seemed to have learned that in short term pens they would be released quickly which would be reason for them to stand instead of lie down.  **** It also lacks research in whether or not the confinement was in the pig’s best interest concerning welfare which was the reason for “asking” the pigs in the first place.****  ***The pigs confined longer could see the pigs being released from short term holding and were without water, which would make them choose a different pen.***  The pigs possibly learned that they wouldn’t receive water as quick  if they went to long term holding pens.   The paper admits that the pigs were “over trained” to prefer the left pens.  They did stop the experiment and restart.   However, the pigs were preconditioned to go to the left pens which means the 17% difference in preference is NOTHING.  Page 5. “After 4 days of preference testing, it became apparent that the gilts had developed a left-sided bias during training.”

The fact of the matter is the paper was drawn up to provide a basis for animal rights groups that Dr. Duncan works with including Dr. Temple Grandin who spoke at the NAIA’s conference this year, 2012.

Farm Forward  is another animal rights group that is trying to increase the price of the meat on your plate.  Farm Forward Board of Directors includes:  John Mackey – Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Whole Foods Market and Ian Duncan, Ph.D. – Professor of Applied Ethology in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph and holds the oldest University Chair in Animal Welfare in North America.  Why would John Mackey, Board of Directors HSUS with Wayne Pacelli, Co-Founder of WHOLE FOODS MARKET, Board of Directors Global Animal Partnership, want to raise the price of meat?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he SELLS meat.

The reason Wayne Pacelle wants on the board of directors at Tyson foods has nothing to do with shareholder rights.  It has everything to do with animal rights, raising the cost of the meat on your plate, MONEY, and POWER.

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