Genetic Legislation

In a recent conversation, someone had brought up the “genetics” or health of puppies in laws and regulations.  There are genetic health tests that do not meet the expectations of a qualified researcher but yet “legislators” are more than happy to place that research in as law, requiring breeders to meet or exceed genetic requirements.  In turn, that creates a demand for those tests.  Those tests are done at the facility that created the test because they own it.  Then, the facility makes more money with that test, not including the grant money they, namely the University of California, used to make the test, to get more grant money to create more tests.  Why do you think HSUS is so hot over the genetic test regulations.  The Morris Animal Foundation is RUN BY ANIMAL RIGHTS PROPONENTS which is supported by AKC/UKC breed clubs with very high connections to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including Andrew Rowan of HSUS/HSI who sits on an advisory committee to the NIH and the Morris Animal Foundation animal welfare advisory committe.  Doesn’t anyone find it strange that the Treasurer for the HSUS is a HUGE part of Strayer University.

Strayer University:  “Welcome to For best results, we recommend beginning with the navigation links at the top of the page, which can guide you through our collection of over 14,000 medication labels and package inserts. For additional information on other topics which are not covered by our database of medications, just enter your topic in the search box below:”…

In almost every HSUS and affiliates webpage looked into, Schering-Plough/Merck is in some way connected to HSUS, especially microchips and genetics.  “After the merger of Schering-Plough with Merck the animal health division was still known as Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. …”

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.  Those tests do NOT in any way guarantee that the dogs won’t get whatever disease the test was devised for.  If you take a look at genetic research, you’ll find that only about 20% of a genetic “mutation” in a cohort is the basis for stating that the test being offered is a test for a specific “disease” and quite frequently without any proof whatsoever.

Those Universities need grant money to further their research into genetics.  They KNOW those tests aren’t what people think they are.  Those scientific articles are twisted just enough to make them sound good to the public without going so far as to make a direct lie.  The NIH needs universities to do research in genetics so they can continue with the Human Genome Project.

With all those Doctors and Lawyers sitting on the AKC Board, you might think that they would know just a teeny tiny bit about genetics.  Now why would AKC/breed clubs “require” certain tests to get a CHIC number?  CHIC number, touted as if it is the perfect system.  The only thing a CHIC number does is bring in more money to their owners, vets, and whichever University that designed the tests!  Then it has to be approved by OFA.  I couldn’t even get an eye test done on my dog without him being micro-chipped.  OFA and AKC/UKC programs are a way for “scientists” to gather blood samples of every kind of dog.  Research is usually started on animals and then progresses to humans.  Those blood samples are used in research to further the goals of the government.

Anyone aware of the “Million Veteran Program”? But if the VA has the genetic samples of millions of veterans in storage in a massive, cryogenically frozen state, couldn’t they use the data for other purposes as well?” “We know the Obama administration, as one of its first acts upon taking office in 2009, was to completely eliminate the Bush administration’s restrictions on experiments with stem cell lines from aborted fetuses. So Obama and his kindred socialists in the federal government are already willing – and noww able – to experiment on the populace, or at least the offspring of the populace.”  So why would Andrew N. Rowan of the HSUS be involved with the National Research Council and promoting the “Humane Genome Project”?  And why would HSUS put all its resources into re-electing Obama?

Think about it!  What government was well known for experimenting with genetics and conducting some of the most horrid atrocities against mankind? While genetic research is extremely interesting, if the information is acquired by the wrong group of people, genetics becomes Weapons of mass destruction.

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