Donate to Your Local Shelter? instructs people to donate to their local pet shelters.  HumaneWatch has not told everything about HSUS.  Many local shelters are connected to HSUS.  First was the Kokomo Humane Society, then the MGCHS and now the local SPCAs.

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is “a national, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and media attention.  The organization believes that animals are highly sentient creatures who exist for their own reasons independent of their service to humans; they should not be made to suffer for the latter.  LCA therefore opposes the use of animals in food and clothing production, scientific experimentation, and entertainment.   Instead, it promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle and the ascription of rights to non-human beings.”

Part IV of the LCA’s tax return for 2010 question 4, Did the organization engage in lobbying activities, or have a section 501(h) election in effect during the tax year?  Answer: NO Part IX: Question 10d: Lobbying(expenses) $0.00.

Quoting the above picture:“The information obtained in our [LCA] investigations will be used in developing campaigns, public education and outreach, and *****IN DRAFTING LEGISLATION***** that would bring lasting changes for animals.”

(LCA website)

LCA’s President and Founder Chris DeRose Invited to Attend News Corp AGM for Second Year: On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, LCA’s Chris DeRose, was again invited by Rupert Murdoch to speak at News Corporation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA…. (News Corp ran eight opinion editorials during 2012 in the Australian press on the live export issue). DeRose asked Murdoch for continued media coverage in Australia in addition to US and European media, stating, “change only occurs through an informed public.” LCA is committed to following through with Mr. Murdoch and News Corp to expand coverage internationally.

LCA and Antonovitch Lead Puppy Mill Reform Campaign in Los Angeles County.  Following LCA’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) uncovering the desperate conditions for dogs at World Kennel, a breeding facility near Palmdale, CA that supplied several Los Angeles puppy “boutiques,” LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich (R) invited LCA to spearhead a taskforce to solve the area’s previously unknown puppy mill problem.  On March 15, 2011, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance spearheaded by Mayor Michael D. Antonovich. The ordinance will be mailed out to all of the County’s 88 cities urging them to adopt a similar ordinance. To read the full text of the ordinance please visit “ The LCA webpage featured a link to The Pet Safety & Protection Act . The Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2011, H.R. 2256, introduced by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), prohibits random-source Class B dealers from selling dogs and cats for use in research.

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, “… in the Democrat race, Howard Berman is the logical choice for his leadership on foreign policy and trade issues,” Antonovich said in a statement. The Humane Society Legislative Fund spent over $23,000.00 on Howard Berman’s re-election campaign.  Mr. Berman had a 100+ on the HSLF scorecard for legislation passed that benefited the HSUS.  Not only is HSUS a supporter of Antonovich and Berman but also their “Best Friends Animal Society” agrees with Mr. Antonovich.  Elizabeth ORECK is the LA Programs Manager for Best Friends Animals Society.  Per Elizabeth’s Linked In page,  she is an Animal Welfare Advocate for IFAW, HSUS, Pets90210, Coalition for Pets & Public Safety, California Wildlife Center  1998 – Present (14 years) whose partner was/is Gavin Polone who gave $5000.00 on 6/24/2012 to the Humane Society Legislative Fund.  On November 2, 2012 the HSUS gave its praise to Supervisor Antonovich and the LosAngeles City Council for approving “their’ ordinance to stop sales from pet stores.

Puppy Mill Awareness day has drawn many ‘important” people.  “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan and True Blood star Michelle Forbes have joined forces with Last Chance for Animals (LCA) for Puppy Mill Awareness Day on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the La Brea Tar Pits, 5801 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.   Along with Cesar Millan, Michelle Forbes, Mad TV’s Debra Wilson, Los Angeles Postmaster Mark Anderson, L.A. Council Member Tom LaBonge, West Hollywood City Council Member Jeffrey Prang, and L.A. Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette” This website also includes a link to “Ban Puppy Mills” that leads directly back to the LCA website.

Friday, September 18, 2009 “Puppymill Awareness Day ~ a day to create awareness of those dogs stuck in puppymills not only in PA but all across the states and other countries. This day is also to celebrate those who have been freed from those “prisons”. Events are planned in other states and in the UK….Many excellent speakers, including Victoria Stillwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s me or the dog”, Rescue Ink, who , by the way, has a reality (documentary style) program beginning on the National Geographic Channel beginning September 25th and Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals and HSUS speakers will be among some of the many speakers. Plus more than 40 rescue groups will also be on hand.”

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is claimed by the LCA on their 2010 tax return and included in their program services for public outreach with $591,292.00 in expenses of their $1,074,410.00  income which is more than 50% of their “contributions” and ZERO in Revenue.  The Puppy Mill Awareness Day website  has an address of: PMAD 988 W. Veterans Hwy Jackson, NJ 08527.  Clicking on the contact us button leads to an email address.  The physical address is listed to a Kathy Herenchak 988 W. Veterans Hwy. Jackson, NJ 08527 on although, LCA’s address is listed as 12100 Wilshire Blvd Ste 660 Los Angeles, CA 90025-7121. “Thank you for your support! Puppy Mill Awareness Day was a huge success! For more info go to “  To further promote their “awareness day”, they give thanks to “Puppy Mill Awareness Day would like to send out a HUGE thanks to Dean Koontz for his generous donations for our silent auction!! “  Ms. Herenchak runs a Puppy Mill Awareness Day Rescue which charges “adoption fees” better known as selling fees.

One specific listing on Petfinder for the Jackson NJ “rescue” is:

These Boston Terrier mixes were taken from a breeding facility in PA, transferred to Jackson NJ, and are just a little over six months old.  Could these puppies have come from a raid in Pennsylvania that was done by the Pennsylvania SPCA?

The story that was told about the raid done on an Amish farmer, Mr. Blank,  who had a USDA inspection in January of 2012 with a perfect inspection and “immaculate with carefully tended fields of corn and tobacco, and a large garden in front” read: “undercover investigator Ashley Mutch went to the farm and purchased a sickly puppy that Blank had said was 7 weeks old. The puppy, which was determined to be just 3 weeks old, died within 24 hours, she said.”” The entire event was filmed by crews from the reality show Animal Cops, which is trailing the PSPCA during the next several weeks.” The Pennsylvania SPCA that takes in over 13 Million dollars with over 9 Million in salaries.

Per the PSPCA’s 2010 tax return Part IV question 4: Did the organization engage in lobbying activities, or have a section 501 (h) election in effect during the tax year?  Answer: NO! Per the PSPCA’s 2010 tax return in program expenses, “The Pennsylvania SPCA provided animal control service by contract with the City of Philadelphia, accepting all stray and unwanted animals.  The single facility located in North Philadelphia handled 26,492 live dogs, cats and other animals, with 16,237 of those adopted into new homes, returned to their owners or transferred to other animal rescue organizations for adoption or release.  Total expenses equaled $3,947,332.00.  Revenue equaled $0.00.

The PSPCA claimed 16,237 animals were adopted into new homes, returned to their owners or transferred to other animal rescue organizations for adoption or release..  Their webpage shows SELLING prices are: Kittens $75, Cats over 6 months $40, Good Samaritan Cats $125, Dogs over 6 months $50, Puppies and Good Samaritan Dogs $300.00 (The same price that Mr. Blank charged for his puppy).  Assuming all the 16 thousand animals were the cheapest at $40.00, revenue for that program would have been a minimum of $649,480.00.

Could the investigations of the Amish farmers, which are usually without any legal help, have anything to do with the “law” that the SPCA was trying to get passed?  Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff welcomed the case’s outcome and said state lawmakers must do more to ensure the safety of dogs in commercial breeding facilities….Mr. Wolff spoke favorably of legislation currently before the House Appropriations Committee that would ban “puppy mills,” breeding facilities animal-rights advocates have identified as negligent of dogs’ health and safety….Sponsored by state Rep. James E. Casorio, D-56th, of Westmoreland County, …… Titled House Bill 2525, the legislation has passed the House Agricultural and Rural Affairs and Rules committees by comfortable majorities.”

The “undercover investigator”, Ashley Mutch,  that went to Mr. Blank’s farm is not what newspaper articles would lead you to believe when they state “officials sent an undercover officer into the kennel.”  Ashley Mutch is not a police officer but a SPCA agent.

This is not the only raid that Ashley Mutch performed on an innocent Amish farmer.  Another was Mr. Kauffman.  “Kauffman says Mutch bought four of the puppies. He claims that after an SPCA vet found them to have parasites and anemia, Mutch and her “sidekick” came back to the farm armed with weapons and a search warrant.” “Kauffman says the charges against him were dropped, but the SPCA refuses to return his animals and have threatened him with fines in an effort to get him to “sign the animals over” to the SPCA….He says he does not have enough dogs on to constitute a kennel.”

The “Animal Cops” that was following Ashley Mutch around filming is the famous TV show.  Animal Cops may refer to several reality television series that are originally produced in the United States for Animal Planet.  Animal Planet was created in cooperation with the BBC by Discovery Communications on October 1, 1996. In 2006, BBC Worldwide sold its 20% interest in Animal Planet US back to Discovery Communications. Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) is an American global mass media company based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Discovery Holding Company announced a restructuring plan. Under the plan, the Discovery Holding’s Ascent Media business would be spun off, and the remaining businesses, Discovery Communications, LLC and Advance/Newhouse Communications, would be combined into a new holding company.  Discovery Communcations currently operates (acquired in November 2006),

Animal Planet Media (APM), a multimedia business unit of Discovery Communications, connects humans and animals with rich, deep content via multiple platforms and offers animal lovers and pet owners access to a centralized online, television and mobile community for entertainment, information and enrichment. APM consists of the Animal Planet television network, available in over 91 million homes in the U.S.; online assets, the ultimate online destination for all things animal; the 24/7 broadband channel, Animal Planet Beyond;, the #1 pet-related Web property globally that facilitates pet adoption;PetsIncredible, a major producer and distributor of pet-training videos that includes the Web service; and other media platforms, including a robust Video-on-Demand (VOD) service, mobile content, and merchandising extensions.

The Animal Rescue Site ” sponsors pay for the click at The Animal Rescue Site and 100% of the revenue collected from sponsoring advertisers is donated to animal charities. Current beneficiaries are International Fund for Animal Welfare, the HSUS/Fund for Animals’ animal sanctuaries, the Petfinder Foundation, North Shore Animal League America, Rescue Bank…”

Petfinder Foundation awarded a grant of $45,000.00 in 2010 to the Pennsylvania SPCA.  The same SPCA that uses Ashley Mutch to illegally confiscate animals from their homes only to resell them on PetFinder for the SPCA’s benefit.

What is a “Puppy Mill?”  According to Wayne Pacelle “..every responsible breeder is a puppy mill…”

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