$790,227,000.00 APHIS

$790,227,000.00, that’s 790 MILLION TO INSPECT YOUR #@!!~

$790,227,000.00 is the amount the federal government gave to APHIS ENFORCEMENT DIRECTOR Sarah Conant to dig into every closet of anyone involved with animals.  Exempt yesterday, dead today while The Secretary of the USDA gives money to his wife, Christie Vilsack, to support Sarah Conant’s employer HSUS!




For the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Salaries and Expenses, the Committee provides an appropriation of $790,227,000.


[A HSUS PROGRAM]Budget Restructure and Equine Health.–The Committee does not support the request in the President’s fiscal year 2013 budget for APHIS to add an additional line item or account in order to fund the two separate accounts for Equine and Cervid Health and Sheep and Goat Health. The increase above the President’s budget request will allow the agency to fill current vacancies related to equine veterinary medicine and related expenses.


[A HSUS PROGRAM]Animal Welfare.–The bill funds the Animal Welfare program at $27,087,000 in order to ensure that minimum standards of care and treatment are provided for certain animals bred for commercial sale, used in research, transported commercially, or exhibited to the public.


[A HSUS PROGRAM]Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Compliance.–The Committee commends APHIS for issuing a proposed regulation to close a loophole that has allowed large-scale online and conventional puppy retailers to evade compliance with the AWA. The Committee expects APHIS to focus AWA expenditures on the large-scale, for-profit dog sellers that would be regulated under the agency’s proposed rule.


[A HSUS PROGRAM]Designated Qualified Person (DQP) Program.–The Committee directs APHIS to maintain transparency and consistency in the enforcement of the Horse Protection Act (HPA) when dealing with the regulated industry. APHIS should make it a priority to apply resources towards the enforcement of the HPA for the most egregious violators and/or offenders of the Act, including focus on those events that are not affiliated with, or are members of, Horse Industry Organizations. These non-affiliated events and organizations are in violation of HPA, and APHIS’s lack of prioritization of stopping these non-affiliated activities is of great concern to the Committee.


[A HSUS PROGRAM]Animal Disease Traceability.–The Committee continues to fund the animal disease traceability system within the amount provided in the Animal Health and Technical Services account. The Committee directs USDA to ensure that the system in the final rule maintains the States’ and Tribes’ flexibility in implementing the system while also limiting the financial burden on the livestock industry. In addition, the final rule should address liability and privacy concerns raised by livestock producers. APHIS is directed to continue providing quarterly reports to the Committee with specific cost information, assessments of progress, and any deviations from the proposed scheduled completion dates.

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