Merry Christmas

Christmas 2014

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This poem was written in honor of those who “just don’t have the time.”


I was once:
True to my Principles
True to Myself
True to my Faith
True to my Country
True to my Family
True to my Friends
But I just don’t have the time. And now, I just don’t have any of the above.

My friend tried to tell me once:
That her country was falling apart
That her heart was crushed by those who have deaf ears
That her Family was deceitful
That her Friends were the unsavory type
But I just didn’t have the time. And now, I just don’t have her as a friend.

My heart told me once:
Be True and listen with both ears
Be True and give your time
Be True and lend a hand
Be True and understand
Because I found the time and found a goldmine.

Kimberly Kraemer

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Vets Day

There are many kinds of Veterans and most automatically recall those who have worn a blue or green uniform with stripes on the sleeve or medals on their chest. To those, I give my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for defending our Country as a career choice.  There are many who made this a choice without pay and go unrecognized for years.

Over the past decade I’ve come to know people who not only choose to defend our Country with their lives but their very soul. They do not wear uniforms and are rarely, if ever, thanked for what they do nor are they recognized as the heros that they are.

“They” know who they are and receive no pay check for their work, receive very little recognition for the lives that they save. They are not headline sort of topics because “they” are not a friend of politics.  “They” stand up for their beliefs of what this country was founded upon.  The belief that we are all equals and should be treated as such.  The belief that we all have rights and violation of any right upon any single individual is an atrocity against our Country.  The belief people are innocent and have the right to be considered innocent.

These beliefs engrained within their very souls places these individuals in dangerous situations which can take more than their life but their friends and families are placed in danger as well. These are the people who stand up for their rights when our own government tries to take those rights away.  These people are put through hardships that only the strong can endure.

We owe these people our deepest gratitude and I, for one, give my deepest appreciation for all that they do.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the appreciation. To express that in terms of words is impossible because it leaves me speechless.

Thank you all from the top, bottom, and middle of my heart.

Kimberly Kraemer

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Free Citizen Speech?

Perhaps it is I who do not understand why those who support Citizens United ruling are in favor of the First Amendment. Many who are quite astute ramble on about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.  Either I have misunderstood or perhaps you have misunderstood.  Learning is difficult, so be prepared to be open minded as I am.

I recently engaged in a legal conversation and presented what I believed to be the results of the court ruling of Kelo V. City of New Long and Citizens United. The brief was quite detailed.  To spare you the time consuming task of reading all of it, I’ll rewrite one very relevant paragraph.

“Kelo V. City of New Long, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor “argued that this decision would allow the rich to benefit at the expense of the poor, asserting that ‘Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.”  With the ruling of Citizens United, the government has essentially allowed large corporations to have complete power over ‘eminent domain” through excessive lobbying/bribery of government officials.  In addition, the lack of enforcement in the internal Revenue Service and other agencies concerning non-profit corporations and their excessive lobbying abilities, extends the “corporate grab” of the power of For-Profit  and Non-Profit Corporations.  For Profit Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations, and Government entities are able to “property grab” or deny property and natural rights through laws/regulations.  Non-profits, many times owned by For-profit corporations or vice versa, are used to lobby government officials, and receive large amounts of tax deductible dollars from individuals and Corporations through IRS incentives for “special interest” purposes giving an unfair advantage, civil rights and due process violations, to individuals and small entities which restricts their freedom of speech by the very ruling of the supreme court, Citizens United vs FEC, that was won on the grounds of Free Speech, a civil rights violation against the poor and politically powerless.  Those special interest groups are usually non-profit, own and operate many businesses including using the stock market, receive business from individuals as first choice because that business is able to receive “tax deductible” donations, and form multiple PACs who are many times non-profit groups who receive tax deductible money for specific social welfare purposes (not legislation) which are invited to government meetings to form laws/regulations through Executive Agencies, as seen by the Office of Management and Budget meeting in April 2012 for the USDA “retail pet store” regulation which directly affected the natural born citizen Ms. Kraemer, in which the poor and political powerless must defend themselves against without a raft in a yacht race including very little to no Pro Bono Legal Service.  Pro Bono Services are given to immigrants who are not citizens and non-profit organization for litigation purposes when natural born citizens who have paid taxes to receive such benefits have to protect themselves against Tyrannical Laws and Regulations that turn them into paupers.  They are then refused pro bono services that they paid taxes to receive in which are given to illegal immigrants before tax paying citizens.  Those regulations are, many times, going unnoticed by any government officials, violate the Constitution, and in turn violates the rights of man classes of people including the poor of which almost 16%( questionable lowball statistic) of all United States Citizens are included…..”

While I admit that the prior paragraph could have been written a little more clear and in less words, you’ll have to forgive the ramble as I had written at least 15 briefs within 20 days with very little sleep.

Would someone please point out where Citizens United actually helped the “politically powerless” in regards to free speech?

Thank you for any input whether it be negative or positive.

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Porky Business

Some of us may remember from a year or so ago when the Chinese decided to buy the largest pork producer in the United States, Smithfield Foods.  Concerns about selling our food supply to another country did not go unnoticed, nor did the animal rights legislation that prohibits citizens from owning animals, but an agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) that was taking place behind closed doors did.  Smithfield Foods was acquired by the Chinese group Shuanghui, the largest producer in the People’s Republic of China, in September 2013. This might tempt your taste buds into “red” instead of “white” meat when you flash out that debit card instead of the Discover.

Many of us recall the NAFTA, drafted under President “daddy” Bush but “Before the negotiations were finalized, Bill Clinton came into office in the U.S”. Then we had CAFTA, signed by President George W. Bush on August 2, 2005. Neither of the agreements have provided the United States people with any benefits other than forcing US companies to go abroad to manufacture with foreign labor. The US companies on foreign land gain profits with cheaper labor and more sales of cheaper merchandise. Wouldn’t it be nice for those companies if they didn’t have to pay an import/export tax also with a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

“The TPP is a regional negotiation that includes the United States, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, which account for nearly 40 percent of global GDP.”  The TPP is Obama’s dream of reducing import fees for products from other countries into the United States while benefiting those companies who support his agenda, especially the Chinese and Mexico.

The United States has been running consistent trade deficits since 1980 due to high imports of oil and consumer products. In recent years, the biggest trade deficits were recorded with China, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.” “Japan is currently our 4th largest goods trading partner ….. Goods exports totaled $65 billion; Goods imports totaled $139 billion.

The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan was $73 billion in 2013” which means we buy more of Japan’s goods than we sell to their country by $73 Million dollars. Leading categories include: pork and pork products in agriculture.

“The group says the agreed-upon objectives of the TPP are that it include trade in goods – including agricultural ones – services, investment, e-commerce, competition policy and intellectual property; that there be no product or sector exclusions, especially in agriculture; How many of us were questioning the ownership of foreign companies by America’s rich and powerful?! Now we need not only question America’s richest ownership in foreign countries but question the ownership of Foreign Entrepreneurs of American companies!!!

U.S. exports of agricultural products to TPP countries totaled $58.8 billion in 2013, 85 percent of total U.S. agricultural exports Do we really have to wonder why our food bills at the grocery stores have increased astronomically year and year? When we make it beneficial for American companies to export our food instead of feeding our Nation, we have shipped our wealth and our plates to foreign nations especially those who are legally considered 3rd world but have standards of living higher than most Americans.

Since Smithfield Foods has subsidiaries, I’ll list some of them to provide context as to how much of our food is now in Chinese hands which accounts for the reason why Obama wants to “free” import/export for Chinese chicken and other meats from certain countries that are included in the TPP agreement.

Agroindustrial del Noroeste (Mexico)
Animex (Poland)
Carolina Food Processors
Cumberland Gap Provision Co.
Farmland Foods

Granjas Carroll de México
John Morrell & Company
Norson (Mexico)
North Side Foods Corp.
Premium Standard Farms
Smithfield Ferme/Comtim Group (Romania)

The idea of a foreign company owning the United States’ largest pork production facility is intimidating enough but add to that the ambassadors that the US President has assigned to those particular countries will make your skin crawl. One in particular should be enough to give you the idea of the direction this is headed.

The Ambassador assigned to Signapore is David Adelman. Most of us are saying, so freaking what and have no idea who David Adelman is in relation to the United States.  Bear with me, it gets good.  David Adelman is the former Democratic minority whip of the Georgia state senate and a longtime partner of Sutherland Asbill and Brennan which just happens to be the Exact same law firm where Lois G. Lerner’s husband, Michael R. Miles, is also a partner AND A TAX ATTORNEY.

Lois Lerner was a member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) who IS dropping the bomb on agriculture in the United States. It’s now illegal to ship a puppy to a new owner unless you abide by the enormous cost regulations imposed by the United States Department of Agriculture written by the animal rights group HSUS, ASPCA,  Member of the AKC, and approved by the USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The USDA, for the past several years, has been hiring animal rights activists to work in the enforcement division of the USDA.  Animal rights is the belief that animals should not be used for food.  So, of course, those enforcement officers will do everything in their power to put an American business in the drink.  All stamped with the USDA signature approval by Secretary of the USDA, Tom Vilsack.

Makes one wonder how DuPont benefits but it’s rather obvious when the most senior lawyer to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, Ramona Romera appointed by President Obama  was/is a senior lawyer for DuPont Merck.  Ms. Romera, an immigrant at age 10,  also served as National President of the Hispanic National Bar Association (2008-2009.  DuPont has its R&D facilities located in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Germany, and Switzerland with an average investment of $1.3 billion”  There’s a heck of a lot of pork in all those billions.

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Triple Bogey!

“There is a very fine line between lobbying and bribery.” When an organization that receives federal grants and contracts starts lobbying, you have to put 2 and 2 together which always equals FORE! On the golf course, on the surgery table, and at the Bank. University of California is deeply involved in politics and Medical Procedures, especially research and education.

University of California gave money, $1.6 million, to President Obama in his 2012 campaign run from the University of California which is considered a committee or PAC that MUST register with the FEC.  In addition, University of California ranks in the top 250 and listed as a “heavy hitter” in Contributions.  UC already ranks 504 out of 4225 in 2014 with $788,000.00 spent in 2013 and $490,000 in 2014 lobbying.  “Four of the top ten organizations whose staff donated to President Obama’s reelection campaign were universities, data released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveals. The University of California (UC) represented the single largest employee group to donate to President Obama’s campaign in 2012, funneling $1,092,906 to assist the President in his bid to gain reelection. That number includes the university’s PACs, individual members or employees, and employee’s immediate families.”

University of California for the period of July- December 2012 filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives: “I certify that I have read and am familiar with the provisions of the Standing Rules of the Senate and the Standing rules of the House of Representatives relating to the provision of gifts and travel. I have not provided, requested or directed a gift, including travel, to a Member of Congress or an officer or employee of either House of Congress with knowledge that receipt of the gift would violate rule XXXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate or rule XXV of the Rules of the House of Representatives during this filing period.Digitally Signed By: Gary Falle, 1/30/2013 3:58:17 PM

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Lobbying Report for the last quarter of 2012 shows that they spent $120,000.00 Lobbying the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, U.S. SENATE for H.R. 6083, Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2012: Agricultural research and extension programs and H.R. 1, Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011: support for basic research programs, Support for Department of Defense Regenerative Medicine grant, and NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding among other issues which was Digitally Signed By: Gary Falle, Associate Vice President

Money is a GIFT! Par for the course, we are right on track to see why the University of California lobbies the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They swing away at Congress to pass bills that benefits the scorecard at the Bank.

And what did the University of California get for that money they “gifted” to Representatives, Senators and reelecting a President? In 2012 from the National Institutes of Health:


Count those zero spaces.  That is $1.8 BILLION dollars from just the federal government divisions listed to the University of California of YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

And when was ObamaCare implemented? “In the 2008 election cycle, the UC’s employees were also the number one contributor to the Obama campaign, donating $1,648,685.”

Just have to wonder why Mr. Obama spends so much time on the golf course during the time of National CrISIS everytime a beheading takes place.  I wonder if Mr. Obama has any problems hooking to the Left which is, in golf terms: Duck Hook: “A ‘Duck hook’ is considered a severe “hook” to the left (usually caused by a closed clubface) and ‘ducks,’ sharply to the ground, running off to the golfer’s left. Another term associated with a Duck Hook, is a ‘Snap Hook’. “

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Evolution by Obama

Obama Evolution 1


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Vilsack endorsing Clinton

All those people in Agriculture in Iowa:  Supposedly Fox News said that the Hillary/Obama/Vilsack machine is doing a great job in Iowa.  Better get the word out about Vilsack’s wife taking a donation from HSUS and the fact that Christie Vilsack

1. Had about $750,000 of help from HSUS in her 2012 congressional run.

2. Christie Vilsack is now employed by USAID under her husband.

3. That Vilsack hires animal rights extremist to work in the USDA.   Animal Rights groups are against animals for food or fiber in direct contradiction to the reason why we have the USDA.

Vilsack is back on the campaign trail for the O regime.

Here’s the latest news release :

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Children as young as Five Years Old! Lobbyist

Lobbying flyer

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Why are Citizens Broke?

When a President takes office he “nominates” people to be placed in key positions and usually with the same ideology of the President. Those Key Positions include all Federal Agencies .  Obama placed many Key people in Federal Agencies while Congress was in “recess” which avoided Congressional approval.  One such person ran the EEOC who was chair of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

While it is true that the President and the Federal Agencies are not legally allowed to write legislation, they are allowed to write Regulation. Regulation and Legislation are one and the same.  They are both laws that citizens must abide by or be fined/jailed.  Browse through

regulations.govSept 15, 2014

The above picture is how many regulations have been written in the past 90 days and just the past 90 days. For anyone to believe that 6,343 new Regulations are needed to enforce licensing laws is outrageous.

The law states that Regulations must follow the intent of Congress when Congress wrote the bill that the Regulations are being drawn up for. However, this One law has not been followed and is actively promoted by the Obama regime to be violated.  More Bills equals more regulations equals less freedom and LESS INCOME FOR CITIZENS!

These regulations prohibit citizens from forming small businesses, engaging in commerce, and providing an income for their families. The regulations are restrictive and do not have to issue permits to anyone that they do not want to issue to.  The stronghold on a permit gives the government the right to decide who does or does not do business to make a living.

By browsing the website, you will find a new regulation for almost any industry. A regulation is a way for the government to “tax” anyone in that profession.

To add insult to injury, you may comment on the regulation being proposed but your comments are just that, comments. They do not have to nor will they take the comments into consideration.  Almost every regulation proposed is placed into regulation.

Write to your Representatives/Senators and make them assert the law.

Dear Representative/Senator:

Federal Agencies have abused their power and provided an avenue to prohibit free enterprise in the United States.

Enforce the law that prohibits Federal Agencies from  writing regulations that are in contrast to the Intent of Congress.

We need more free enterprise, not more licensing/taxing of the poor!

Thank you

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About 535 Lawyers

Congress, at times, amazes me. From what I’ve been told, Congress has the power to force the President to do the job he was elected to do and prevent him from overstepping his bounds.  Congress is made up of about 535 Lawyers who claim they are “top dog” in the “know it all” department.  So what’s all the hype about?

Reading over the statements made by Representatives and Senators, my jaw drops and the frontal lobe of my brain starts working overtime. My left brain said to the right “I thought we elected Congress to take care of our National Problems.”

  • Rule of law in America depends on that our President doesn’t have the power to do this,” said Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). “He certainly has no business telling us he’s going to do it by executive fiat after the election. But the fact that he’s done that should hasten us to vote on it now.”
  • In the Senate, I was proud to introduce legislation to put into law to make it unequivocal that the president prospectively has no authority to grant amnesty,” Cruz said
  • Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) said. “Let’s get real: Follow the law, Mr. President, you follow the law, we’ll be happy.”
  • President Obama feels he is “above the law” and has made a “habit” of violating the Constitution and U.S. law, Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., charged in a radio interview Sunday
  • Washington Republicans on Sunday restated their argument that President Obama has violated the Constitution
  • The president knows this is wrong,” said Lee
  • The Supreme Court dealt a blow to the powers of the presidency Thursday, ruling decisively that President Obama violated the Constitution
  • GOP Lawmakers: Prisoner Exchange Violated Law, by failing to provide congress 30 days notice before transferring any terrorist from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba
  • WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate last year to appoint three members of the National Labor Relations

And on and on and on.

And then we have the bloggers repeatedly announcing, with references, incidents of treason, bribery etc. etc. of President Obama which are all offenses for impeachment.

So, I’ve ask my Representative and Senators for the reason they are standing around bitchin’ about what the President is doing when they have the power to stop it!

Perhaps our next letter to our elected Officials should read…

Dear Representative/Senator:

I’ve noticed in the news that you and/or your colleagues have made repeated statements that President Obama has violated law.

In recent months, I received a ticket for not wearing my seat belt in which I have been put through the ringer. If not wearing a seat belt is enough to be prosecuted for, why can’t we prosecute a President who has committed Treason?  Obviously, law enforcement is a little on the board side so perhaps we should give them something of interest to work on rather than harassing innocent citizens who do no harm to others.

Isn’t treason and bribery a much worse case than not wearing a seat belt? Or, do you promote funding terrorists also?

I’ll be looking forward to your quick response.

Thank you,

Kimberly Kraemer

P.S. I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republic or Tea Party. Treason and Bribery have no political preference.

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ISIS-ISIL Sanctions?

One could generally call me a “disbeliever” when President (of some unknown country) Obama struck out in his September 10, 2014 against “ISIS”.  Some people rant and rave that they don’t like Obama for some unknown reason without specifics.  I’m the fair type of person and like documentation with an objection.  Could someone explain this to me that is more familiar with the organizations in the Middle East?

In Obama’s Executive Order 13606 (Paperwork at end of this article-scroll down to see), the title leads one to believe that Obama is issuing Sanctions against the Governments of Iran and Syria.  However, reading through the Order 13606, I came across Section 10: “The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to determine that circumstances no longer warrant the blocking of the property and interests in property of a person listed in the Annex to this order and to take necessary action to give effect to that determination.”

So, I check the Annex to see WHO is no longer being blocked from property and interests in property, which include land, stocks, and bank accounts.

The Annex lists:

1. Ali MAMLUK [director of the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate, born 1947]
1. Syrian General Intelligence Directorate
2. Syriatel
3. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
4. Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security
5. Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
6. Datak Telecom

Now, to me, this sounds like a list of terrorist.  So, a little further checking I came across this article  concerning the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:

“Soleimani, 57, is the former commander of Quds Force, the special-force division of the notorious Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and is described as the most powerful actor in the Middle East cauldron.He is still believed to control the Quds Force, responsible for Iran’s extraterritorial activity in the region, and answers only to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei…..It is said that Soleimani’s intervention in Syria, where he provided counsel, weapons and raised militia units to join the morale-weakened Syrian army, is directly responsible for keeping Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in power. The US has listed him as a terrorist, and Australia has made it a criminal offence for anyone to make assets available to him.”

“Soleimani, who in his early years as a soldier fought both Iraqis and Kurds, has managed to negotiate a supply route from Iran across northern Iraq, through Kurdish lands, to Syria.  From there, he has given Iran has access to Lebanon and Hezbollah, which the CSIS describes as Iran’s “closest non-state ally”.  The CSIS says Soleimani’s aim in to train and build a Shia insurgency across the region. That means will mean increasing military support to the Assad regime, partly because Iran needs continued access to Hezbollah — a terrorist and criminal organisation that relies on Iran, just as Iran relies on it for money laundering, racketeering, drug trafficking and projecting itself by proxy in the region.”

And this about Syriatel:

“The European Union imposed sanctions on Syria’s main mobile phone operator Syriatel

And if you want to be really confused, check this out on Datak Telecom.  The report, located here,  thinks that there are sanctions against Datak Telecom.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The executive order that Obama signed on Sunday freezes U.S. assets linked to those aiding satellite, computer and phone network monitoring in Syria as well as Iran, where Washington believes authorities are targeting opposition members. It cites the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate, the Syrian cell phone company Syriatel, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces and the Iranian Internet provider Datak Telecom,….”

Another fun filled fact ISIS and ISIL is the same group but ISIL covers more territory.  The “L” stands for Levant “the town of Levant just outside of Bangor was named for the Middle Eastern region back in 1813.”

1813.”  President Executive Order 13606 with Annex pg 1President Executive Order 13606 with Annex pg 2President Executive Order 13606 with Annex pg 3President Executive Order 13606 with Annex pg 4











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Our Contract

Our Constitution was written as a form of a contract between ourselves.  We are the government.  It is ours to do as we please because it is ours.  Government is the result of our Constitution between ourselves, the people of the United States.

For every Bill, every piece of legislation, every local ordinance, it is another amendment to our Contract between ourselves.  When we try to enforce so many laws because he wants this and I want that and she wants something else, we are not only asking for everyone to abide by our own idea of right and wrong, we are asking for a larger police force to enforce those laws.

When we start taking property through legislation that belongs to others simply because we do not believe that person “deserves” or “is treating that property” correctly, we are imposing our moral beliefs upon others.

Law is a philosophy where people have the authority to protect what is theirs.  It is not our right to protect another’s property from themselves.  The previous sentence is in contradiction to the meaning of law.

When we allow groups of people, based on moral belief, to introduce legislation written to influence moral belief upon the entire country, we are legislating Religion.

At the first sight of most pieces of legislation, they seem like innocent and good ideas.  One of the first questions to ask when reading legislation is “How does this help me protect the property I own?” and the bigger question for all concerned “How does this protect the United States?”

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The Helping Hands Reform Act

The Helping Hands Reform Act

This act is an effort to provide economic help to individuals who have experienced economic hardship with the benefit of an Internal Revenue Service deduction for those who contribute to the individuals benefit.


(1)”Charitable Act” means any donation, monetary, commodity, or labor, to an individual person or family, not a corporation, who has experienced an economic hardship

(2) “Tax Deductible” means deductible expense by any person, not a corporation or non-profit organization, off an Internal Revenue Service line item for charitable giving

(3) “Hardship” means any event which caused a loss of 30% or more of an individual’s income or property.

Sec. 1

(A)  Any person, not a corporation or non-profit organization, who performs a charitable act for an individual who has experienced an economic hardship shall:

(1) Provide a written receipt signed by both parties with social security numbers and dated to document the transaction

(2) Provide two documents justifying the transaction was performed for an individual who has experienced a recent hardship.  Those documents which qualify would be:

(a) a newspaper article
(b) a police report
(c) declaration of a national or state emergency in which the individual resides
(d) a document showing loss of employment and is not receiving unemployment compensation
(e) a tax return showing at or under the poverty level declared by the United States
(f) document proving the individual lost 30% or more of their possessions or income through a tragic event.

(B) With documentation listed in Sec. (A)(2)(a-f), an individual or family, may use as a tax deduction off of Internal Revenue Service yearly personal filing in the charitable giving line item of their IRS tax form.

(C) Deductions under this section may not be used on a personal tax filing and again as an organized non-profit deduction.

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Animal Hoarding Golfer


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Someone wanted to know who is part of the PIJAC committees.  Question answered! for more info visit “Free Lobbying”,  “Animal Ping Pong” ,

just ruff, its them  pjac committees 1 002

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1983 civil rights

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Protecting all Humans and Safety (PAHS)

puppy mill pic 5 Many readers have already heard the horrific details about the Human Abuse cases in the United States by Animal Rights Activists. I’m please to report new legislation called the Protecting All Humans and Safety (PAHS) act designed to prevent similar atrocities and toughen penalties for Human abusers has just been passed by the legislature.

Credit to my colleagues Sen. Human Rights and Rep. People Advocates for drafting this important legislation. I’m proud to support it and make a bipartisan statement that human abuse will not be tolerated. It is unfortunate that a heart-wrenching incident such as Animal Rights Misrepresentation happened in the first place, but if positive change can occur as a result then it will not be for naught.

The law will impose tougher sentences for human abusers. It will also:

* Expand discretion for the courts to impose additional penalties in cases involving aggravating factors, including cases where the abuse is systematic or involves multiple Humans.

* Require Representative report acts of Human cruelty.

* Create a task force to complete a systematic review of laws relating to Human cruelty and examine whether the United States should participate in a Countrywide Human abuse registry.

Prior to the passage of this new legislation, United States had some of the most lenient fines in the nation for Human abuse, with a maximum of $2,500. Many other Countries maintain longer prison sentences as well.

The new law marks the first update of these penalties in nearly 100 years. “We know people who are willing to abuse Humans are a threat to us all because they are a bully and bullies will bully anyone who’s vulnerable whether it’s a child or an elder or someone with mental difficulties. So protecting Humans is part of protecting all of us,” said Rep. Puppy Mill, a Human Advocate with the Human Rescue League of the United States.

The bill passed both branches of the legislature and has been laid before the President for his signature (Update: the President has signed the bill and it is now law). The final legislation is the Constitution of the United States.

A parody by Kimberly Kraemer

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A matter of taste

There are millions of websites to browse, thousands of facebook accounts to view, and so little of it is directed at “love they neighbor” attitude.  Some of us believe that we should respect the rights of others only when it “suits our taste.”

Take “city folk” and “farm folk” for example.  Those who grew up on a farm know that this is a “normal pig”:

Yes, it is muddy and wet but that is the life of a pig.

A totally opposing opinion from the “city folk” would be:

This just ain’t natural!  It’s cute and it’s funny but it’s not real life.

Unfortunately, there are those who believe we should all abide by their rules with pigs in pink bathrooms brushing their teeth.  What bothers me more than just their belief, Senators and Representatives round up with “men in black jackets” and bars of gold in their pocket to make them believe they are right.  When was the last time they made a “mud  pie?”

To really hit this point home, I invite my State Representative and Two Senators to “usher” a 500 pound “normal papa piglet” into my bathroom to brush his teeth.

Mud Pie Recipe:

After a heavy downpour run to the nearest mud puddle.

Get down on your knees.  Use your hands to scoop up big handfuls of mud.

Place one big “smack” of mud in the middle of your palm and smoosh into a patty with your other palm.

Place in the sun for several hours.

Once dry, slice into individual servings for Senators and Representatives that stop who are unsuccessful at brushing “papa pig’s” teeth. Bon appetite!

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Cheers, It Takes Two

Bean Sprouts Missing Animal Rights1

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